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Home Sweet Home...

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So, I'm home from my freshman year of college. Which means I only have three years of college left... But anyways, I forgot how great home really was. Having home cooked meals everyday from my mum, who is a hell of a cook. Sleeping in my queen size bed and having my room, which is easily three times bigger than my dorm room all to myself. Having my red Ford F-150 again (which is my baby) because we weren't allowed to have cars on campus as freshmen.

But the best thing is definitely seeing all my high school friends again. Since my girlfriend is still in school (she's a senior in high school), I've been hanging with the boys all week. The whole week has been spent with my three best friends from high school, who I've known since about second grade, basically just chilling and catching up. It's been great to not have to worry about anything and just relax and drink a few beers and watch the basketball and hang with my friends.

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