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Hey everyone!

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by , 30th September 2012 at 11:49 AM (1468 Views)
So I'm having a debate with @Mintaka; at the moment.

You see, she has besmirched my reputation, something I cannot allow.

She claims that I am not an honorable, selfless hero.

I would like all of you to make her see otherwise, tell her about my selfless heroics. Since I cannot, given my modest and humble nature.

Thank you for the help all :)

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  1. H-con's Avatar
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    If you're an honorable, selfless hero, then I'm ... I'm .... I'm sure to be something it's very unrealistic for me to be.
  2. Zenax's Avatar
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    I refuse to consider you my stepfather.
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  3. Force Fire's Avatar
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    Wait, what sort of honorable, selfless hero hides in plain sight? Don't you want to be exposed to the fame you get for your sacrificial deeds? Or am I just late for the party?
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