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The First Annual Pokemon Power Rankings

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by , 31st March 2009 at 07:27 AM (5010 Views)
So I'm bored right now because my roomie's alarm woke me up really early, and I don't have enough time to go back to sleep before class, so I need something to kill time. So here come a quick set of Pokemon power rankings.

Favorite Pokemon: Old School Division
1. Charizard (my first pokemon ever, and will always have a special place in my heart)

2. Mewtwo (the guy was unbeatable one on one in the old games. hell, he could beat a whole team easy.)

3. Arcanine (I have a soft spot for dogs, and the original dog Pokemon is pretty sweet)

4. Dragonite (the first pseudo-legendary, and my favorite)

5. Zapdos / Articuno / Moltres (awesome flying legendary trio, the best of the trios in my opinion)

Favorite Pokemon, New School:
1. Infernape (it's a flaming monkey! and it got me through platinum nearly by himself)

2. Lucario (pure awesome. kicks ass in SSBB, has his own movie, and he looks pretty cool too)

3. Garchomp (this thing is a killing machine for me in battles)

4. Empoleon (I have a soft spot for the penguin, and I like steel types for the resistances they give)

5. Heatran (great stats, looks badass, and he can be used in the battle frontier!)

Favorite NPC's:
1. Professor Oak (he's always there...)

2. Blue / Gary (smell ya later... classic)

3. Lance (dragons = cool. plus, he broke game mechanics)

4. Cynthia (she's pretty, she can battle, and she helps you out a lot in platinum)

5. Pearl (he's hyperactive and bumps into you all the time. provides lots of laughs)

Favorite Characters from the Manga (pokemon special)

1. Gold (see one of my earlier posts for the detailed explanation. Just know that he's awesome)

2. Green / Blue (the female one... stupid confusions) (she's smart, she's clever, and she's cute too)

3. Red (the main character in the first series, and he's a skilled battler)

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  1. Pidgeot's Avatar
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    Oh Gary! Oh, I'm growing a crush on cynthia. Though I hate those hairpeices!
  2. Mako's Avatar
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    • permalink
    yeah the hairpieces are a questionable choice... but if I were to be a fanboy for any girl in the entire series, it would be a toss up between Blue from Poke Special and Cynthia. or May...
    Updated 1st April 2009 at 10:27 PM by Mako
  3. Sea Goddess's Avatar
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    yup agree with Charizard! so powerful and his roar/cry in the anime is so AWESOME!
  4. Mako's Avatar
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    agreed on the charizard thing. he's pretty much the only "big, scary, powerful" pokemon with an intimidating cry


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