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Norway Trip Abridged

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Hello everyone, it is my last day in Norway and I'm tired as hell and I haven't been able to get on my computer at all the past couple days (which is a good thing), so I figured I'd take this opportunity to give you a brief synopsis of what I have done this past week in Oslo, Norway. Before I went I knew nothing about the city and had no plans except for the kendo tournament on Saturday and Sunday.

Day One (Monday)
-Landed in Oslo, had a layover in Amsterdam. Saw @Mijzelffan;'s home airport (it was lovely)
-Moseyed around the city for about 2 hours
-Walked around Akershus fortress
-Saw the palace, city hall, parliament, the opera house, the FDR statue(?)
-Got propositioned by a hooker at 6:00 PM in broad daylight
-Went to sleep about 7:00 PM local time

Day Two (Tuesday)
-Woke up at 4:00 AM
-Did nothing because everything was closed for a while
-Came to terms with the fact that everything is ridiculously expensive here
-Slept while everything was open
-Walked around the city a little bit more at night
-Got to bed at midnight, jet lag cured.

Day Three (Wednesday)
-Met up with my friend
-Took a short boat ride
-Walked on the Opera House
-Took a tour of Akershus Castle
-Hung out in a park, watched two guys get arrested by the cops that don't carry guns
-Took a train to Drammen to see a legit Norwegian town and escape all the touristy stuff
-Went into a really nice church while the chorus was practicing

Day Four (Thursday)
-Went in Oslo Cathedral
-Went up close to the Palace, saw @H-con;'s replacements
-Took a longer boat ride around the Oslo Fjord
-Went to some parks and museums, but many of the museum exhibits had no English description
-Got lost trying to get to a really nice restaurant that everyone recommended, never made it there

Day Five (Friday)
-Went to the sculpture garden where there were many many sculptures of naked people
-Relaxed for the rest of the day before kendo practice because we were both super tired from climbing hills mountains all week
-Went to kendo practice, met some cool people
-Hung out with said people

Day Six (Saturday)
-Woke up non-hung over for individuals kendo tournament
-Placed second in said tournament
-Cleaned up, went to after party at Mongolian restaurant
-Went out to a bar with the wonderful members of the Bergen Kendo Club
-Spent all my kroner on alcohol
-Got very drunk

Day Seven (Sunday)
-Woke up pretty hung over for the team kendo tournament
-Team placed second
-Hung out with awesome people
-Super tired
-Wrote a blog on Bulbagarden Forums

And tomorrow I will be on a plane all day.

Thank you for reading, and tune in next time I decide to take a trip to a random country to do a kendo tournament! Tusen takk!

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  1. H-con's Avatar
    -Came to terms with the fact that everything is ridiculously expensive here
    -Spent all my kroner on alcohol
    Story of every student in Norway, ever.
  2. CrackFox's Avatar
    -Landed in Oslo, had a layover in Amsterdam. Saw @Mijzelffan;'s home airport (it was lovely)
    Thought you were gonna say 'saw Mijzelffan'. You should of stopped off at his house, I bet he'd have a comic or two to show you.


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