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Minecraft LP Update

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So I went ahead and recorded the first episode of my LP, which is a tour of the server. It ended up being 41 minutes long... Also the quality was kind of poor, but I think it might be acceptable once it is uploaded. I'm going to edit it a little bit and hopefully shave off ~10 minutes or so. It should be fun because I've never edited a video before.

Anyway, I will upload it tonight to my channel that has my now defunct Pokemon Crystal Version LP. If the quality is too bad then I will just delete it and find a better recording method.

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  1. TheCapsFan's Avatar
    I'd love to watch your vids, what is your account name?
  2. Mißingnåen's Avatar
    TheMissingnoLP's channel - YouTube

    All that's on there now is an incomplete Pokemon Crystal Version LP.


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