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A Wizard is Never Late.

Digimon is coming out with a new video game!

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  1. Italy-kun's Avatar
    So many facepalm.
  2. Karamazov's Avatar
    6/10, would have gotten a higher rating if you posted it earlier.
  3. The Outrage's Avatar
    Considering that Digimon games don't get localized, I'll take what I can get.
  4. Reila's Avatar
  5. DerMißingno's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Reila
    Hoenn confirmed.
  6. L.L.'s Avatar
    Get out.
  7. Tsutarja's Avatar
    Wow, a Digimon joke. Haven't heard that before.
  8. Ampharos King's Avatar
    This blog might have been more relevant on August 8, 2013, when the Mega forms were first revealed.
  9. Codface's Avatar
    .....I see what you did there.
  10. Infinity Mk-II's Avatar
    Don't Digimon games not have digivolution in-battle?

    With the exception of Adventure. But that doesn't count.
  11. MegaCharr's Avatar
    Oooooh I get why people are saying X and Y is like Digimon now

    Pokemon fans have beveave that Pokemon are pretty much data because the Pokemon games are programmed and stuff.


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