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A Wizard is Never Late.

100 Things

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by , 25th April 2012 at 02:53 PM (705 Views)
This list started when I was trying to think of things for Hypersonic's last blog. Basically the goal was to list things from the past 20 years that have had an effect on American culture. I went a little overboard and listed 71 things, so I took @Baron Brixius;'s advice and made it an even 100, so here they are. Feel free to add to the list.

DISCLAIMER: These are all things that I thought of off the top of my head. If anything is inaccurate, let me know and I'll change it.

-Terrorists hijack four planes, crashing them into both main world trade center towers, the Pentagon, and central Pennsylvania. This event had by far the biggest impact on American culture in the 2000s.

-The storm surge from Hurricane Katrina causes the levees to break in New Orleans, flooding much of the city.

-first black president

-the bush/gore election dispute

-an inconvenient truth

-super size me

-swine flu

-bird flu


-Monica Lewinsky

-the iraq war

-the war in afghanistan

-the housing bubble and recession starting in 2008

-the gulf of mexico oil spill

-the exxon-valdez oil spill

-Space Ship One making the first commercial sub orbital space flight

-the oklahoma city bombing

-the branch davidian siege in Waco, Texas

-the canceling of the space shuttle program

-the international space station

-columbine and other school shootings

-the internet becoming widespread

-new music styles (grunge, modern rock, the dubstep movement)

-cell phones becoming wide spread

-Sega dies

-Sony and Microsoft enter the video game industry

-Graphics improvments change the standards for new consoles

-Wii becomes most popular system by appealing to casual gamers

-EA voted most hated company of 2011 by The Consumerist

-Hubble space telescope (launched in 1990, but it was useless until it

was repaired in 1993, so I'd count it) opens our eyes to the universe

-Large Hadron Collider opens, allowing for previously impossible study of particle physics

-Water discovered on the moon

-Spirit and Opportunity rovers land on Mars

-Online dating becomes widespread

-Online everything becomes widespread

-Use of drones becomes widespread in war, turning killing into a video game

-Use of video games for actual combat training is introduced

-Airbus releases the A-380, a direct competitor to the Boeing 747

-Boeing develops the 787 Dreamliner, the most modern passenger airliner

-Napster is introduced, allowing free downloads of music in MP3 format

-Facebook is introduced

-Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactor melts down

-Gay marraige legalized in some states

-Iran refuses to end its nuclear program, sparking debate about possible intervention

-North Korea tests nuclear weapons

-CGI technology changes the standards for movie special effects

-Youtube invented

-Mozilla releases Firefox, making the idea of third party browsers popular and raising the standard of what a browser should be

-Michael Phelps wins a shitload of gold medals

-1-35W Mississippi River bridge collapses killing 13, sparking questions about whether other bridges are being properly maintained

-Extreme sports such as skateboarding and snowboarding spike in popularity, producing events such as the x-games

-Enron Scandal

-Catholic preist child molesting and subsequent coverup by the church

-Westboro Baptist Church soldier funeral protests

-Trans fats become the new worst thing in the universe and are banned from some cities

-In door smoking is banned in many states

-Respectable journalists begin using the word "blogosphere"

-Netflix and online sources put video rental stores (particularly Blockbuster) out of business

-Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) found in aerosol cans are found to be causing a hole in the ozone layer, and are subsequently banned

-New fossil evidence shows that most dinosaurs had feathers, making the film "Jurasic Park" out of date

-deficit spending becomes a major concern under Bush administration

-the F-22 Raptor enters service, giving the United States unmatched air superiority

-a US Iridium communications satellite collides with a defunct Russian Kosmos satellite in 2009, raising concerns about space debris

-Space Shuttle Columbia breaks apart during reentry in 2003, killing all seven crew members and grounding the shuttle program indefinitely

-MTV's "The Real World" popularizes reality TV, ruining television for everyone

-The "silver age" of cartoons happens during the 90's as a wave of creative, highly successful cartoons appear

-Ross Perot runs one of the most successful third party campaigns in recent history

-The band "Rush" still not inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, proving that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is bullshit

-Billy Mays leads a pitch-man revival

-Scaled Composites' Voyager aircraft flies around the world non stop without refueling

-The Concorde retires in 2003, ending the age of commercial supersonic flight

-Cornell, Wieman and Ketterle win the nobel prize in 2001 for confirming the production of Bose-Einstein Condensate

-3D film and television for some reason becomes a fad in the mid to late 2000's

-The V-22 Osprey enters service, becoming the first tilt rotor helicopter

-The Canadian dollar becomes more valuable than the American dollar for a time, personifying people's concerns about the weakening US dollar

-Pink Floyd reunites for the Live 8 concert, giving Pink Floyd fans a fangasm

-The American public for some reason flocks towards products made by Apple whos names begin with a lowercase "i"

-A University of Florida student is tazed at a John Kerry speech at his school

-A bunch of unemployed 20-somethings camp out in New York City, sparking the Occupy movement

-Terry Schivo is taken off her feeding tube in a decision that was way too public

-OJ Simpson is acquitted of first degree murder charges

-Michael Jordan becomes a sensation, climaxing his career with a starring role in Space Jam

-George Lucas decides to ruin everything he has ever made

-Mount Saint Helen errupts in Washington

-Debate over whether a fence should be built on the US-Mexico boarder comes under serious consideration

-David Blaine trolls the world by sitting in places for extended periods of time

-Baby boomers begin turning 60, sparking questions about the future of social security

-The Harry Potter series of books becomes popular

-The Twilight series becomes popular, ruining vampires for everyone

-The Da Vinci Code becomes popular, people forget that it's a fictional story and create a bunch of controversy

-A runner with no legs is banned from the 2012 summer Olympics for having an "unfair advantage." Welcome to the future.

-The United States Postal Service begins running ads out of fear of running out of business

-The Resistance is created, the first organization calling for open defiance of Antichrist Junichi Masuda's evil plans
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  1. Baron Brixius's Avatar
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    [QUOTE]The Resistance is created, the first organization calling for open defiance of Antichrist Junichi Masuda's evil plans.[/QUOTE]

    Instant like.

    Also, General Motors declared bankruptcy in 2009.
    Updated 25th April 2012 at 03:05 PM by Baron Brixius
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    I like Junichi Masuda.


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