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A Wizard is Never Late.

Title pretty much says it all.

  1. Bandwagon: Ask me anything

    AMA and I'll answer it seriously. No joke answers even for joke questions.
  2. Bulbacon 2015

    So Bulbacon 2015 is coming probably this summer. I don't think it has been anounced yet, but I will be there as I have been for the past 5 years or so. I can't wait to find out where it will be held.

    Who else is coming?
  3. Bandwagon: Favorite pokemon of every type

    Bandwagon started by Baf-senpai

    Normal - Dunsparce
    Fire - Charizard
    Fighting - Lucario
    Water - Milotic
    Flying - Dragonite
    Grass - Celebi
    Poison - Dragalge
    Electric - Stunfisk
    Ground - Stunfisk
    Psychic - Alakazam
    Rock - Omastar
    Ice - Articuno
    Bug - Scyther
    Dragon - Dragonite
    Ghost - Shedinja
    Dark - Sneasel
    Steel - Skarmory
    Fairy - Gardevoir
  4. Noöne

    This blog is about the diæresis, or two dots placed above a vowel, as it is used in the English language. The diæresis is different from the umlaut used in different languages such as German and Swedish. In those languages, it indicates a sound shift (ü = ew, ö = eu, ä = a as in "cat"). In English, it is used to indicate that a vowel will act on its own and have a separate sound from what came before it. For example, in the word naïve, it indicates that the "a" and the ...
  5. TheMissingno's Language Blog Part 2

    Okay, we got some participation in yesterday's entry, so now I will list all of the languages people have used, and I will also try to guess if you are a native speaker, if you know the language, or if you just used Google Translate.

    French - I think you are not a native speaker, but you are from Canada so you probably know some french.

    Spanish - I think you know a couple of phrases but don't know the language.
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