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A Wizard is Never Late.

Title pretty much says it all.

  1. Noöne

    This blog is about the diæresis, or two dots placed above a vowel, as it is used in the English language. The diæresis is different from the umlaut used in different languages such as German and Swedish. In those languages, it indicates a sound shift (ü = ew, ö = eu, ä = a as in "cat"). In English, it is used to indicate that a vowel will act on its own and have a separate sound from what came before it. For example, in the word naïve, it indicates that the "a" and the ...
  2. TheMissingno's Language Blog Part 2

    Okay, we got some participation in yesterday's entry, so now I will list all of the languages people have used, and I will also try to guess if you are a native speaker, if you know the language, or if you just used Google Translate.

    French - I think you are not a native speaker, but you are from Canada so you probably know some french.

    Spanish - I think you know a couple of phrases but don't know the language.
  3. TheMissingno's Language Blog

    Hi everyone, please comment on this blog in a language other than English.

    I have received permission from the mods for this, so you don't have to worry about getting in trouble for posting.
  4. Support Lieutenant Cool! Vote now!

    Hi everyone, as you all know, @Peter Quill; will be changing his name soon.

    Quote Originally Posted by Peter Quill
    Lieutenant Cool is accepted as a write in option.

    Hide in Plain Sight appears to be running away with it.

    Come on Mako and Blake (and Lieutenant Cool) lovers, show your support!
    Lieutenant Cool is clearly the ultimate name, so please mosey on over to his blog and vote for it.

    Now I will mention people.
  5. Norwegian Pokemon Intro (season 1)

    Hey everyone. I have been learning Norwegian for the past 6 months, and last night I tried to translate the Norwegian Pokemon intro. I just thought I'd share. I had to use google translate for a couple of words, but most of it I came up with on my own. Any Norwegian speakers can feel free to make corrections.

    Nå skal jeg ut på eventyr, og jeg har fått et kall.
    I will go on an adventure, and I have recieved a call

    Å fange noen rare dyr som bor inni en ball. ...

    Updated 29th October 2014 at 12:25 PM by Mißingnåen

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