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The Golden Phoenix

Scar Picture!

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So this is a picture of me right before they let me go home the other day.

I was getting some final testing done on my vitals, but they let my mom snap a photo of me. Haha, sorry for looking goofy... and sorry for cutting out my face, I'm embarrassed by my lack of good looks ;)

Scar: hawt or not?!

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Updated 18th February 2011 at 02:20 PM by Legacy



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  1. Tsutarja's Avatar
    I can't see the picture. :|
  2. Legacy's Avatar
    really? crap, i uploaded it to my album.
  3. Tsutarja's Avatar
    Freaky! :O

    Cool, yet kinda intimating scar. Makes me think of why I exactly hate hospitals. XD
  4. Mintaka's Avatar
    I can see it fine.

    That's a long scar D:
    Hope the area around it doesn't hurt or something. Anyway, good to see that your recovery is doing well.
  5. Legacy's Avatar
    Nah, it feels a little tender around the area and it itches somewhat, but no real pain.
  6. Kyuuketsuki's Avatar
    This makes you more vulnerable... My mind is just evil...

    I do believe that it is supposed to become less obvious and smaller. Basing this on my own scars...

    Hope that first sentence didn't creep you out...
  7. Mintaka's Avatar
    The scar will kind of fade as new skin develops, right. (Don't know about the size part, though)
  8. Legacy's Avatar
    Haha Kyuuketsuki!

    I'm a little embarrassed by my skinny, pasty self. I need to start getting back to weightlifting or doing some situps lol.
  9. Flannery's Avatar
    Chicks dig scars Legs.

    All you need to do is come up with a badass story for it and you've got it made.
  10. Lawnmowergirl's Avatar
    It'll look better once it heals more.
    *does not have a thing for scars but isn't particularly disturbed by them either*
  11. Metabee's Avatar
    It's all green at the toooop... :p

    It'll probably look badass in a while once it's healed up some more. xD
  12. Abba's Avatar
    How did you do that?
  13. Legacy's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Metabee
    It's all green at the toooop... :p

    It'll probably look badass in a while once it's healed up some more. xD
    Part of that is actually iodine that they smeared on the incision to keep it clean, but yeah hopefully it will become a little less unsightly as time goes by.
  14. Solaire of Astora's Avatar
    I hate the itchiness that ensues with a scar like that.
  15. Sarcastically Insane's Avatar
    Remember, Legs, it was caused by a piece of shrapnel from a bomb you tried to defuse to save a bus full of nuns while it was going 50 MPH.

    Though you still saved the nuns.
  16. The Puppetmaster's Avatar
    Eeek, it makes me cringe (not because it's ugly or anything, though; the thought of having a cut that wide just irks me). I'm glad it's not affecting you very much.
    Updated 19th February 2011 at 12:27 AM by The Puppetmaster
  17. Legacy's Avatar
    Lol @ Sarcastically Insane

    Thanks for all the well-wishes guys!
  18. GoldeenTail's Avatar
    Dang that's hugge. Hope you feel better, if you haven't already.
  19. Kars's Avatar
    oh dear god
    thats a big cut
  20. Ivysaur's Avatar
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