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The Golden Phoenix

Prologue to my upcoming Pokemon Novel

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A tiny blue speck dangles against the midnight backdrop of the starry abyss.

Infinite black space stretches for as far as the eye can see and the brain can comprehend.

Gigantic gaseous fireballs look like nothing but tiny fireflies fluttering about a dark forest.

Upon closer examination, that luminous blue dot in the sky is definitely more than a tiny, insignificant speck.

The vibrant blue and green sphere glows softly, suspended in space. Even from here, the beauty of the luscious green pastures and plains, the towering snow-capped terrain of the mountains, and the vast stretches of seas, rivers and oceans can be seen behind the foreground of wispy white clouds.

A beautiful sight indeed. A world where life can flourish like no where else in the universe.

This…is the world of Pokemon.


A majestic place filled with wondrous creatures of all shapes and sizes. It is a place where nature has exquisitely demonstrated its incredible ability to create the most beautiful and complex organisms of all shapes and sizes, allowing them all the exist in harmony across the entire globe.

Pokemon inhabit virtually every corner of this world. They are diverse and mystical creatures whose incredible powers have aided in shaping our planet and universe into what it is today.

Some are roamers of the land, exhibiting the strength and tenacity of rock, the grace and precision of grass, and the intensity and flare of fire. They inhabit the flat, green plains, the rugged mountain ranges, and even the industrialized cities and towns created by humans.

Others are beasts of the sea, traveling the planet’s vast waters, embodying the sheer power and depth of the mighty blue oceans. Still others varieties of Pokemon soar majestically through the open skies and cotton candy-soft clouds, exhibiting the breath-taking ability to defy the laws of gravity and take to the air.

There are countless varieties of Pokemon with an equally countless amount of special talents and abilities… very similar to the human race.


Both species are incredible examples of the wonders and complexities of nature…and life itself. Just as human beings are diverse and unique as a species--with each individual person possessing a totally unique personality to go with an equally unique set of talents, strengths, and weaknesses--Pokemon too represent this diversity…in their size, in their shape, and in their special abilities.

In addition to simply co-existing in this world, humans and Pokemon have been working together ever since their respective species first began to roam the planet together, their countless adventures chronicled, kept and passed down as legend for future generations. Yes, indeed, humans and Pokemon together have proven countless times throughout history, that the power of teamwork, friendship, and trust is a beautiful combination, capable of propelling the ones who possess it to great heights.

For thousands of years, a person could claim true ownership over a Pokemon only if both creatures were in mutual agreement. True friendships were fostered between person and beast because loyalty and respect were required to obtain a Pokemon.

But as the centuries passed, and technology rapidly began to advance, a ground-breaking little device changed the Pokemon World forever.

The Poke Ball. An incredibly advanced and complex electronic sphere that can be used to capture a wild Pokemon. The ancient world in which wild Pokemon joined humans strictly by choice and free will was all but gone with the invention of this spherical contraption.

Once the Poke Ball was perfected and sold to the public, the now-extremely recognizable, half-red/half-white, shiny orb made it possible for anyone to capture a Pokemon for him or herself.

Fortunately, most present-day people who wish to catch Pokemon do so with the intention of making friends with and caring for their new companion’s well-being anyway, maintaining the ancient philosophy of not so much owning your Pokemon…but befriending them.


Today, many people capture cute, friendly varieties to befriend and keep as loving pets. The unique relationships that Pokemon are capable of sharing with humans, as well as the playful and loving demeanor of many species, make these amazing creatures ideal house pets…even family members. Children especially seem to love all the different varieties of Pokemon.

Other Pokemon lovers in today’s world--as well as beauty and fashion enthusiasts--acquire Pokemon in order to enter them in beauty and style competitions, called Pokemon Contests. Contest Coordinators, as these competitors are called, dedicate their life to raising their Pokemon while paying special attention to their grace, style, and overall visual appeal.

Another popular competition in which Pokemon are used by humans is the world of Pokemon training and battling. Probably even more popular among fans than contests, Pokemon battling is a sport that many youngsters aspire to participate in, especially on the grandest scale in front of millions of adoring fans, like many of the famous Pokemon Trainers often featured on television.


Trainers also travel the various regions on the world, battling fellow Pokemon trainers along the way in order to test the strength and will power of both trainer and Pokemon. Competition also demonstrates how the special bond and even friendship between Pokemon and trainer can affect any situation.

The most talented and dedicated trainers strive to become Pokemon Masters…a dream that motivates a countless number of trainers from all over the world. Indeed, the many incredible friendships between the planet’s most enchanting two groups of intelligent life help contribute to the overall beauty and magic that this world possesses.

But this magical world and all of the creatures that inhabit it did not always exist…

No one knows exactly how, when, or why our universe came to be. Before video games and television, before cars and machines, and before humans and even pre-historic Pokemon ever existed, there was nothing but black nothingness. An absolutely empty and matter-less void.

There were no planets, no stars, no universe. Even time and space had not yet been created.

Although no one really knows how or why the world was created, there are countless legends which try to explain the birth of this planet. Many of these tales revolve around a single original being who created the world and everything that inhabits it.

There is one particular legendary myth, which has been passed down for many generations throughout many cultures around the world. It attempts to explain the creation of the universe.

Popularly dubbed ‘The Original Story,’ the ancient tale explains how the creator of the world, also known as ‘The Original One,’ came to be. Its translation reads:

In the beginning, there was only a churning turmoil of chaos.
At the heart of chaos, where all things became One, appeared an Egg.
Having tumbled from the vortex, the Egg gave rise to the Original One.
From itself, two beings the Original One did create.
Time started to spin.
Space began to expand.
From itself again, three living things the Original One did create.
The two beings wished, and from them, Matter came to be.
The three living things wished, and from them, Spirit came to be.
The world created, the Original One took to unyielding sleep…

Although no one really knows if the legend is true or not, there had been several reports a few years ago of people claiming to have seen the Original One and his three mythical creations doing battle, their fighting spilling over to our dimension somehow. But most of those reports are regarded as nothing but urban myth.

Whatever it was that created the universe and our world, be it Pokemon or something else, the final product is anything but perfect harmony. Even with all of its wonders and miracles, evil and greed still pollute the hearts of many in the world. Poverty, murder, war, and hatred still ravage the peace and harmony of all living things.

There are those that wish to use the most powerful Pokemon of the world to accomplish their evil goals of world domination and power. They neglect the real beauty behind these magical creatures and concentrate only on how they can profit, even if it means endangering or purposely harming the innocent.

And unfortunately, evil has been existing far beyond the confines of this tiny planet almost since the universe was born. And the type of evil that exists within the darkest depths of the universe is an evil far beyond anything ever witnessed or experienced in this world.

And as there are many prophecies and scriptures from a wide range of cultures that explain the creation of the world, there are also many tales which predict that someday evil will threaten to conquer the universe once and for all. An epic war will ensue, as the forces of goodness and hope will battle to the death protecting the universe from being swallowed up by such evil.

The planet and the extensive web of life that inhabits it can only cling to the hope that when that fateful day comes and the epic battle ensues, that some sort of savior will arise and put the universe on his back and deliver it from the forces of darkness, restoring peace, once and for all.

Otherwise, pain and angst will know no bounds, as the world and the universe which it calls home will be swallowed by darkness. Day will become night, smiles turned to scowls.

Evil will rule.

This was the prologue to my upcoming fanfic novel. It will probly remind you a little of the opening of the movies, and I thought it would be a nice intro to the novel. Enjoy...Chapters 1-3 coming soon!!!!

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  1. SerenaKetchum's Avatar
    wooo! I love this, Legs. Can't wait for it to start.
  2. Sea Goddess's Avatar
    Wow Legacy, you are a pretty good writer...very descriptive.

    I look forward to reading your it based on the anime?
  3. Sea Goddess's Avatar
    good idea adding pics to accompany the text! When does chapter one come out?


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