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The Golden Phoenix

Physical Therapy Update #2

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Today, I ran on a treadmill, still supervised by my therapist, for 2 miles straight without stopping.

I am feeling my endurance and cardiovascular strength returning to me, which makes me feel good. I still feel slight tightness in my chest after a run that long, but my therapist said that it isn't something to worry about... just my heart getting used to running again.

I'm also starting to weight train again, but nothing heavy. Just high rep, low weight stuff to get my tone back. Before the surgery and when I was in soccer full time, I had a nice six-pack stomach and good definition in my abs.

But yeah, as you saw in this picture:

I've lost some of that, but I'm working towards it.

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  1. Mintaka's Avatar
    From what I read about you, you'll regain your previous fitness soon :P
    (And...your current physique isn't so bad...kk ^^)
  2. Legacy's Avatar
    Thanks Mintaka,

    I guess I'm harsher on myself than I should be. Looking at that picture of me kinda inspires me to work out more and regain my muscles :)


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