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Legacy's Fanfic of the Month: Dragon's Roar by Flame Haze

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by , 27th October 2010 at 07:41 PM (476 Views)
As the leaves start to change colors and the weather starts to turn cold (in many places), what better time to curl up by a warm fire or under a warm blanket and read some great Pokemon fan-fiction?

This will be the inaugural edition of my monthly blog series, "Fanfic of the Month." For this first month of November, I will be featuring a fic by one of the up-and-coming authors of Bulbagarden's Writers Workshop. His name is Flame Haze, and his fic is titled, Pokemon Academy: Dragon's Roar.

A little about the story: It's set in what Flame Haze calls "the Advanceverse" (his own creation). According to him, he would classify it as action, fantasy and comedy in terms of genre.

For those who are not familiar with Flame Haze's fic, Dragon's Roar is the story about a kid named Reggie Damon from Celadon City. Reggie is a student at a school called, Pokemon Elemental Academy, a learning establishment designed to help young trainers master their craft ala Hogwarts in the world of Harry Potter. Reggie is not what you would call a polished trainer in terms of skill, he is simply your average boy who wants to fit in.

After meeting a strange Pokemon named Chigon, Reggie starts to become more comfortable in his own skin. He begins to warm up to his classmates and makes more friends. The story takes an exciting turn when Reggie realizes Chigon isn't simply your normal, everyday Pokemon.

I had a chance to talk to Flame Haze about his story, and here is what he had to say:

Me: Flame Haze, what was your inspiration for writing Dragon's Roar?

FH: My inspiration was...a lot. First we have Harry Potter which is where I got the whole idea of an academy thing, besides that there's Yu Gi Oh GX where I based the uniforms and style of dorms from as well as the place where the academy is located. There is also an old fic that was in the workshop when I joined which was called Pokemon Academy by Bluntasaur, I guess that's where I first got my idea.

Then I started making a series of RPs which is where I got most of the character's personalities from though the appearance isn't the same.

Me: Awesome. Your story ended up winning an award in the Bulbagarden Second Quarterly Fanfiction Awards just recently. What did winning the award for 'Best Original Character' mean to you as an author?

FH: I was really happy knowing that I won, I mean it was great to know that I've finally gotten far and that I had finally won an award and that it was my main character that did it, it certainly was a mind blower in a good way.

Me: How do you think 'Dragon's Roar' stacks up against some of the other fics in the Writer's Workshop? Obviously judging by the response, it is one of the more popular stories there.

FH: Well, I don't if my fic really is better than most, I mean there's Encounters, Twins of Fate, Stainless Steel, Defiance and a lot more (I only remember those four out of all the ones I read) but I think that what makes it better is that I try to keep it more real in a way the character relations are kept to an almost realistic level while somethings are fantasy others are really closed to real life, I don't try to make characters seem harmless or too cruel just normal there are good ones there are bad ones and then there are psycho ones.

Me: Talk a little bit about some of the strengths and weaknesses that you think your story offers, or strengths and weaknesses that you as an author have.

FH: This story's strengths are basically its character development and plot movement, while the movement isn't too fast it isn't slow and since most chapters aren't so canon with each other people can start reading at any point of it, at least till the main plot moves on, as for character depth well this is mostly with my two best characters Reggie and Darren and also the others who get development at times, I think it helps because they don't move too fast but not to slow so as to not overwhelm or bore the reader in general.

As for its weakness. While the fic has description it probably needs a lot more, though it's hard especially if you have to describe original Pokemon, sometimes I miss a lot of stuff on the grammar while it isn't horribly wrong it isn't perfect, plus like most people have said my wording is a bit bad, the thing for that is mostly the fact that no it's not cause I'm a teenager but I live with teenagers that normally talk like that and it's hard to shrug it off when it comes time to write.

Me: What is the best part about being an author in the Writer's Workshop?

FH: Probably that I have a lot of fics I can read in case I get a writer's block, I don't know it helps me reading other people's fic so that I can get ideas for my own chapters, that and it's really fun even with all the award problems that have been going on recently XD

Me: The Workshop is definitely a great place! Okay, to wrap things up: In 50 words of less, why should people read your fic if they already haven't?

FH: Well, if people are interested in a story with original characters who are mostly likable and want to read something new involving plot then this fic would be a great way to do it, plus who knows they might like it.

An excellent interview with Flame Haze. Special thanks to him for taking the time to answer a few questions.

As for my opinions about 'Dragon's Roar,' I think this is a perfect example of a young, inexperienced writer working his butt off to improve and turn himself into one of the Garden's finest authors. Flame Haze's level of determination to improve his skills should be an inspiration to all of us. His talent has always been there, but he has definitely worked hard to get where he is today.

'Dragon's Roar' features what is one of the forum's finest original character creations. Reggie Damon is both imaginative and extremely relate-able as a lead character. We've all felt like he does in our younger days at school. Flame does a great job of capturing the excitement and emotions of student life in school and blended it beautifully with the concept of Pokemon.

The story itself is fresh and exciting. The whole 'academy' premise is something that is incredibly enjoyable to read as we as readers feel like we are along for the ride right with Reggie and friends. Flame Haze introduces many new Pokemon and characters. The characters have a fantastic level of realism without too much of the dreaded "Mary Sue" factor. It is extremely easy to root for Reggie and root against his rivals. The level of description and grammar cleanliness is also very good.

Overall, I would give this story a resounding two thumbs up. Readers who enjoy reading Pokemon fanfiction that features original characters will surely love this story. Harry Potter fans will also find the subtle similarities to be quite engaging. In the end, I would definitely recommend this to all!

Overall grade: B+

Here is the link to Pokemon Academy: Dragon's Roar: Pokemon Academy: Dragon's Roar (Ended)

Everyone go check it out now!

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    Yea I read it. It's a great story.
  2. Lugion's Avatar
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    Hmm... enlightening, to say the least.
  3. Lugion's Avatar
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    When will you be posting the next one? I'm excited to learn more!
  4. Gama's Avatar
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    I've read some of Dragon's Roar but I struggled to catch up with it.

    Is your Fic of the Month just a relatively popular fic for the month or is it your favourite for that month?

    I'd like to see a fic that has a relatively small amount of chapters here so that I can actually realistically catch up.

    Still, great interview and piece! Really good idea!


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