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The Golden Phoenix

To Anyone Who Loves Pokemon

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by , 2nd July 2011 at 07:58 PM (467 Views)
Since the late 1990's many of us have been enthralled by the amazing World of Pokemon.

Whether you are a long-time Pokemon veteran, and remember playing the first Red and Blue versions for the huge, black-and-white, brick-like original GameBoy and watching the original Kanto anime series featuring Ash/Misty/Brock, or if you joined the fandom sometime after that, you undoubtedly have fallen in love with the vast array of magical creatures that make up the incredible World of Pokemon.

Well, today is your lucky day if you love Pokemon but are looking for new and original storylines that can help expand your love of the franchise to lengths that you have never dreamed of before.

I invite anyone out there who is interested in reading some of the Writer's Workshop's many great works of Pokemon FanFiction to come visit.

When people think of the word, "FanFiction," they often think of amatueristic, shoddy, low-quality work by untalented kids who are just scribbling their own stupid, unimaginative stories based on an established franchise.

Well, folks, I can tell you that any pre-conceived notions you have about Fanfiction will be proven wrong upon your first visit to the Bulbagarden's own Writer's Workshop.

Our collection of talented authors have produced many amazing, professional-quality stories of all lengths, styles and genres. They have truly taken the Pokemon franchise to new lengths with their original ideas and amazing imagination and writing skill.

So please, show our team of authors the love and support they deserve by stopping by the Writer's Workshop and browsing around. Remember, we at Bulbagarden are a community, a family of sorts, all with one common love: Pokemon. And these authors work tirelessly to share their talents with you and help illustrate the world we all love through new and exciting points of view in their writing.

There's something for everyone! Are you a Pokemon anime fan, but sometime wish that the show's writers could be a little more creative or imaginative in their plot? Well, there are countless anime-based stories in the WW that do just that!

Are you looking for a Pokemon tale that is a little more adult and dark, something that explores the realm of war, violence, romance and is truly 'epic?' Well, there are plenty of stories to choose from!

July marks the Writer's Workshop's seasonal award season, during which the best of the best of our FanFiction section are recognized.

What better time to come visit us and take a look at what our authors are working on. Here is the link to the nominees for the best fics so far: Summer Awards 2011: Nomination Thread

So to wrap up, I think we all can agree that the World of Pokemon is a wondrous and amazing place, and that we have all been captivated by the franchise throughout our childhoods and beyond!

Why not come and see if one of our talented writers can help take your love for the franchise even a step further with their literary adaptations of Pokemon and the world they inhabit!?

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    Advertising much?
  2. Ivysaur's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Holo-Chan
    Advertising much?
    That's what blogs are for.

    But anyway, the Writer's Workshop is a great forum and I'm always for supporting it as much as I can. We have some great writers and stories there, and as a staff we're always looking for new readers and writers to contribute to it.


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