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The Golden Phoenix

2009 Major League Baseball Preview

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Thank god it's almost time for baseball again. The defending champs in Philadelphia will have more than a few teams challenging them this season.

Let's start with the American League, shall we?

First and foremost, the New York Yankees have once again bought and paid for a team that they feel will contend in 2009. Pitchers C.C. Sabathia and A.J. Burnett will help stabilize a pitching staff that wasn't able to complement their powerful offense last year. 3B Alex Rodriguez (AKA A-Roid) is injured now, and even when he comes back, the media will be all over him after his admission to using performance enhancing drugs. I predict the Yankees to win the American League East with the help of George Steinbrenner's bottomless pockets. 94 wins in 2009.

Of course, whenever the Yankees are mentioned, so too are the Red Sox of Boston. Years ago this lovable group was known as the 'anti-Yankees' and were everyone's favorite because they hadn't won a World Series in 80+ years. But now, the BoSox have become exactly like the Yankees...buying players to improve their team instead of drafting smartly and developing young players. David Ortiz is old and must bounce back if they are going to have any chance...their pitching is very good though. I see the Red Sox in the chase for the AL East Crown and the Wild Card.
I say 93 wins for Boston.

Last year's Cinderella story, the Tampa Bay (don't say Devil) Rays are still a formidable squad. Their young starting pitching is superb and they have plenty of exciting players on offense. 3B Evan Longoria (no relation to Eva or Tony Parker) looks to become one of the top players in the game. BJ Upton, Carl Crawford, and Carlos Pena provide a strong nucleus. However, I think they won't be able to sneak up on anybody this season so they will be good, but will struggle in a tough division.
89 wins for Tampa.

Other American League Contenders include the Minnesota Twins and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Both teams play the game the right way, although the Angels have alot more money to throw around than the Twins do.

Minnesota is always good because of great coaching and an emphasis on fundamentals. C Joe Mauer is the best hitter in the game, and 1B Justin Morneau is a superstar that no one talks about. Their pitchers are unheralded, but always solid. Much of the credit should go to manager Ron Gardenhire and pitching coach Rick Anderson. I think Minnesota can win 90 games and win the AL Central. Watch out for Delmon Young and Joe Crede for Minnesota.

The Angels have a similar team with good pitching and solid offensive performers. They will win the AL West easily over Seattle Texas and Oakland. 90+ wins for sure.

The National League will come down to Philly, New York Mets, and the Arizona Diamondbacks. The Dodgers could also be in the mix.

Overall, I predict the 2009 World Series to be between the New York Mets, led by Johan Santana, Jose Reyes, and David Wright...against the MINNESOTA TWINS!!!

Twins will be the champs in 2009!!!!

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  1. SerenaKetchum's Avatar
    baseball started already?
  2. Peter Quill's Avatar
    Not yet... very soon. They are in spring training right now.

    Legacy, I do think your analysis is pretty good except for the part about the Red Sox and buying talent. Right now, two of their three best hitters (Pedroia and Youkillis) are prospects we developed from the draft. Also, I don't see the Twins getting out of the AL. The East teams are just too strong. It's going to be either the Sox, the Yanks, the Rays, or maybe Anaheim out of the AL.

    I think the Red Sox end up winning it if the injuries to Pedroia and Youk from the WBC aren't too serious.
  3. Legacy's Avatar
    haha, yea you are probably right about the Twins, but I'm a shameless homer when it comes to Mauer, Morneau and company.

    I do think the Twins will make the playoffs, and once they make the playoffs anything can happen. remember at least one, maybe two of the Yanks, BoSox, and Rays will fail to make the playoffs.

    As for the Red Sox, they bought Dice-k and others, but you are right. They still have a ginormous payroll tho. But yea, Boston is a favorite to win it all out of the AL east
  4. Peter Quill's Avatar
    You also do have a point, and I admit I'm a pretty big homer for the Sox as well (as you probably guessed).

    The funny thing about the Sox is that our payroll actually dropped about 20 million this year.

    And the fact that anything can happen in the playoffs is what makes baseball so awesome.
  5. Legacy's Avatar
    agreed. After all, the freaking Tampa Bay Rays made the World Series last year!!! :O


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