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A Vicious Circle

Ragan! Object Eventan! Shamefur Disprayan! The journey continues! (Part 2)

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Continuing from last time, I had just cleared Violet and was about to head down south towards Azalea. Nothing too interesting happens on the route down, though I found out that it was pretty hard to return to Violet after clearing a ledge. Oh well, Union Cave next.

The good parts couldn't last long, and things start to get weird inside Union Cave. I run into a Vulpix, an otherwise easy match, though Roar is now Curse, but still Roar. I guess it's too much to ask to keep things okay. I net myself some new pokémon in the cave, though I think they mostly will remain box fodder for now. I exit the cave and enter Azalea, which quite obviously got quite the facelift since my last visit, notably the mart and the pokémon center, not to mention the buildings being everywhere. For some strange reason, I bump into Karen, who seems rather upset about Ilex Forest at the moment. Team Rocket is still kicking, and they're up to good deeds, by running a Slowpoké shelter in a well. After doing some sightseeing, breaking into peoples homes and talking to them, I decide to check out my box fodders, and to nobodys great surprise, Pikachu is now a Electric/Bug. If that wasn't obvious enough, Dunsparce is Rock/Psychic. Shit is so cash.

Wanting to adopt a Slowpoké, I try to enter the well with assistance of an old man named Kurt, but suddenly the Rockets turn hostile.

It seems they manage to get a few fossils from Mt. Moon after all, but it falls easily to my Ulrik. Kurt suddenly gets blind, and things get awkward, but I manage to escape from the crazy old man. If that wasn't enough, Mr. Ministry of Silly Walks, aka "I don't give a fuck about the laws of physics" appear, casually strolling on a fence. It's time for some payback from last time, and I whop his ass with Arson and Ulrik. After whining some more, he walks on the gatehouse and vanish.

I decided to forget about him and enter the gym. Now, the gym has gotten some major changes, and it seems like they have switched type to Fire. And some dragons, for that matter. Bug Catchers have got the silliest teams nowadays, wielding Moltres. Like that is a bug. After some time, I get to the gym leader Bugsy.

I prepare myself for battle, but the guy just starts rambling out the Bug types weaknesses. Like that is going to help. I decide to turn to the actual assistant for help, and now he reveals he is Bugsy. My mind is full of fuck at this time, but I decide to go with the flow and beat the shit out of him anyways. Bugsy might never lose when it comes to Bug pokémon, but it would have helped him if he actually had Bug pokémon. But no, Charizard. If that wasn't enough, he had Entei and Ho-Oh to mix things up a bit. Not that it helps against my Arson though.

Looming ahead is the Ilex Forest, a mysterious, big forest. Inside, I just find Mr. Object Event and a wild duck. Damn boys can't keep their pokémon nowadays. I chase the foul fowl around the forest to reunite it with its master. It does like trees though, and I have to climb up just to get it out. After quite the chase, it returns to it's master. About damn time. I get a useless HM for the effort. Really appreciated

I decide to make some ... modifications to my team. Remember the Dark Cave where I caught my Muk. I caught some other things as well, saving them for the time when the levels of this game just hit full retard.

Two of my three new teammates are Raxa the Vileplume and Snuv the Donphan. Notice the typing on that last one. I mad. I also have a Graveler (Smacker), pure Rock (another lack of STAB Earthquake). I do this mostly because this game is pretty fucked up, and I really need to have some decent levels going, otherwise I would just get stomped, and the grinding needed is just intolerable

After some teleporting magic at the Day Care house, the game shows it's completely random leveling, going from level 10 on the last trainer to over level 40 on the next. After encountering a clone of myself, I arrive at Goldenrod, ready to tackle that bitch Whitney and her gym.

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  1. Mißingnåen's Avatar
    A clone of yourself? Are you going to have to fight Dark H-con?


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