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A Vicious Circle

Power Ranking: Conquest Music

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Now, one thing I'm satisfied with Conquest is the battle music in the various castles. A lot of them are pretty cool and definitely fun to fight with. I feel some of the overworld and general fighting themes in the ravines, caves etc. etc. gets a bit bland after a while, but the same goes for pretty much every game out there for me, so it's not a big deal. What matters is the castles, and they have done many pretty decently, and many are far better (at least for their setting) than music in the main series games are.

1. Pugilis

I enjoy every battle in Pugilis thanks to three things. First of all, the music. Definitely the best piece of music in the game if you ask me, and makes me that much more involved in the battle. That, and the map layout and the interesting win conditions make Pugilis a good fight (easy to recruit warlords too)

2. Aurora

First, but certainly not the worst, Aurora's music bear a lot of resemblance to Pugilis, but with enough difference to be distinct. Catchy, and fitting for stomping your foe with one pokémon + Guardian Charm early on.

3. Ignis

Adds the serious feel, but still makes that volcanic pit a lot more fun when it starts raining chunks of fire from the sky.

4. Nixtorm

Ignoring the horrible battlefield (at least that's what I think), the music fits the icy lake perfectly, and gives you a special feeling (in a lot of cases, your conquest is almost over at this time, so it kind of sets the stage for a serious finish).

5. Fontaine

Kind of relaxed, and yet a bit somber. I like this, I can't really say why.

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  1. Dolce's Avatar
    These are all great choices. <3


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