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A Vicious Circle

Nocturnal Activites

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Sometimes I wonder...

As elections are coming up over here (read; Norway), I start to think about what to do. I am able to vote, so wasting the opportunity would make me wait at least two more years before being able to vote again, though the next time it won't be for the government.

But it's not what party I should cast my vote to I wonder about. No, it's more about the opinions of ordinary people. Sometimes I read stupid commentaries, yelling at others for their opinions. But what's the use of an opinion if it's not based by knowledge? What right do I have to spread my opinion about things I don't have a clue about? Would it make a difference? Shouting out opinions won't make much better.

I live in a somewhat large town. By many standards, it's fairly small, but here in Norway, 30 000 inhabitants is actually quite alot, considering the largest town has 500K. A small project for someone has been to get this city on the weather-map (this was the best expression I could find), as it's constantly being "forgotten". But when the local newspaper dedicate the entire front page to the "news" that Haugesund has made the weather-map, I think what silly world I actually live in. Of course, it was the summer, without any significant news, but this! Half the people that joined the group on Facebook probably forgot about it the next day. Is this worth spending time at, when there's a lot more that can be done?

After reading in Time about the "surge" of far-right parties in Europe, I wonder if that could ever happen here. The most known "far"-right party is probably not as scary as BNP. Because if there's one man I strongly dislike, it's Nick Griffin. Yeah, let's fire torpedoes at immigrants, that'll cheer us up.
But then again, I just posted my own opinion with little to no knowledge about the BNP. That doesn't make able to complain at others I guess.

On the bright side though, the election-day I turn 18, which happens to be the age I'm allowed to vote (not that they could stop me voting anyways, but still...) and I'll (probably) get my driving license. Can't wait till the 14. September. But soon, school starts again, 17. August. Simply can't wait.

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