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A Vicious Circle

A night camping

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Or that was what it felt like tonight. I spent the night in the local woods (or so to call it, haven't got a better name), and we slept in the frickin hugest tent we had. We normally use it as a tent for the leaders, but I wasn't 100% sure how to get it up. After like an hour, we managed to get it in standing.

After that, we just burned a fire, talking and doing nothing when we actually could have done so much more productive things. Oh well. Later that night, our "leader" went with some to the city to get food while leaving me and another just to "guard" the camp. Not that it was needed though. Our real leader was on a drill with the army, so after careful planning, we decided to deliver a "present" in his apartment for leaving us with this job. It didn't happen, though he would have deserved it.

So today, I ran around in my fancy uniform, teaching young kids how to tie the worlds simplest knots and tossing balls into buckets. Life well spent! Still, it was kinda fun. Thousands of people were in the woods here, and plenty of those visited us.

And I found a tick right in my face. I hate those things! And I was eaten alive by mosquitoes.

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