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A Vicious Circle

Just sit back and let life spiral out of control.

  1. Spacecamp...

    Last Tuesday, we had our spacecamp. To further explain what this is, I need you to imagine the following:

    - People in the age of 18-19, about to graduate from school in very short time
    - Allowance to use the school grounds to spend the night on
    - Alcohol. This is perhaps one of the biggest factors
    - Barbecue
    - Loud music. And possibly the world's most annoying whistles, multiplied with ... 40-50?
    - Tents and cars for sleeping in.

    In ...
  2. Finally

    It looks like even we here in Europe gets Arceus as well. From my sources, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Germany, and probably some more, is getting Arceus. We love Gamestop. That, and they give away the Ho-Oh and Lugia figures as well. I'm getting the Ho-Oh one for sure now.

    5th of March to 2nd April, obviously, at least over here.
  3. A wiki for two?

    I've been working on a Norwegian pokémon-wiki for some time now, and it would seem that the only reason we're even making it is for the very few that actually bothers writing anything. Currently, we've reached 521 articles now, but progress is rather slow, as it's pretty much me and another user that writes just about everything. I'm hoping to get done with the articles about individual pokémon, we've got some 180-200 of those, so still some work to do.

    So basically, we end up ...
  4. How to use a Sunday

    - Cold, clear weather with lots of sun and snow
    - Nice breakfast
    - 50 minute drive (with me behind the wheel)
    - Winning the "Lowest temperature while driving" -contest (minus 18 degrees)
    - 1,5 hour of skiing in just perfect conditions.
    - Decent lunch, hot chocolate and sun
    - 1 hour of skiing back to the car, mostly downhill
    - 50 minutes of driving back
    - Taking a shower

    Can't complain. Roughly 12 kilometers. Decent ...
  5. Concerning politics...

    Well, I've been wondering about this for some time.

    The most "far-right"-party (it's not far-right in any real definition, but in comparison to all the other parties at least) in Norway with public support is by many described as a party that fronts liberalism. This struck me as odd, as I usually see liberalism as a more leftist ideology. So I was wondering, are they really liberalists, or are they conservatives in disguise? Because I would find it odd that the definition ...
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