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A Vicious Circle

Crystal World part 6, Asskicking Edition

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After ending the last session rather disappointingly, it's time for some revenge. But first, I need to figure out how to jump my team about 20 levels. Since Clair is locked until I beat the Rockets, I need to come up with a strategy to beat the Exec at the Radio Tower. The answer came with some searching, and a trip to Whirl Islands.
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In this part, I get the remaining badges, challenge the E4 and take on Red, finishing the game.

First though, I head down Route 45 to get some grinding. Nothing too interesting here, but the selection of wild pokémon is interesting enough, but unfortunately, they're just in their 50's, and is unsuited for further training. I then return to Olivine to visit Whirl Islands, hoping to find something suitable there. After dispatching a few trainers along the way, with their overleveled pokémon, I enter the cave, and I'm not disappointed with what I find, all level 70 pokémon. I catch a Gengar and an Octillery (look at that swag) to add to my team. I love how the punches are TMs (with 95 BP as well), so Gengar gets awesome coverage just with those moves and Shadow Ball (albeit the latter is physical, but I can live with that). I return to kick the exec's ass, and after a tense battle, I stand victorious. Take that Giovanni! It's time to kick Clair's butt though, and although the gym has no real physical change, the typing has changed to Psychic. Expecting the worst, but doing pretty alright, I plow through the gym and gte to Clair. This is where the easy part stop though, and I hit a complete brick wall with her Mew.

After losing to Clair, I decide to do some other stuff. I catch Suicune, unfortunately it's level is unchanged, so I won't be using that. After what is a massive grind, I return with my new and improved team. But damn, that Mew is still a complete bitch. At this point, I strongly suspect it's stats have been heavily modified. That said, I manage to bring it down (the rest of her team is a cakewalk) and enter the Dragon's Den. Nothing really interesting happens here, except Clair popping out of nowhere, so I proceed to get the Master Ball and set my course to Kanto, with a small deviation first, namely the Karate King, just for fun. After that, I head back and into Kanto.

Everything is going reasonably well, until I find out the Pokémon League is blocked off. My head is filled with why, but the main parts of Kanto are not sealed off though, so it becomes my natural destination. Very little in the graphics department can surprise me now, but I'm surprised the Magnet Train resides in Viridian. Wild Mew appears on route 1, and knowing their absolute power of destruction from Clair, I net more than one, and put one on my team. Not surprisingly, I find it's stats on par with my event level 100 Arceus, in level 70. After a quick Surf down to Cinnabar, I jump right into the gym for my first Kanto badge. At this point, I think that you need all eight Kanto badges as well to get to the League (something that later turned out to be correct). Blaine is now a Ghost trainer (with a Haunter and the now Ghost Tyranitar), and I'm about to lose, but I'm saved by Mew freezing it and avoiding thawing out.

I nab the badge and move on. After a few "oh god, what is happening" moments, I meet a girl who is willing to trade me her Mewtwo for my Mew. This seems to good to be true, but nevertheless I acquire a Mewtwo. And boy, if I thought Mew was powerful, Mewtwo is just taken to a completely new level compared to his old self. I have also realized one very annoying thing, you can't Fly in Kanto at the time. Probably since you haven't really gotten access to it, but it's annoying as hell. If I could Fly around, things would at least be somewhat more passable.

At any rate, Sabrina is next on my check list, and her array of ... Normal type Pokémon pose no difficulty to Mewtwo.

The previous picture can be summarized into the following: Mewtwo rapes everything he sees. He is literally nigh unstoppable, even against pokémon that's at least 50 levels over him.

I also catch a level 178 Scizor and a level 198 Magneton, but they revert to level 100 by gaining experience, so it's annoying that I can't use them, but my rivals can. Regardless, dat attack stat. Also GSC Misty >> all other Misty.

Continuing the rapefest, Mewtwo slams Blue to the floor. He gets bonus points for using Porygon-2 though, but that alone doesn't really stop me. After defeating him, I just need to get rid of Brock, and then I can (hopefully) take the league. However, after some investigation, I find that it's actually impossible to reach Brock. Not Diglett's Cave, it has some fucked up Waterfalls, Viridian has some ledges, and Mt. Moon is locked off as far as I can see. So for the first time (and last time), I put in the walk through walls cheat on and use it to bypass the blockade (that said, I disable it right after I have passed said obstacle). DICKS pop up, and I whop his sorry ass. After a quick revisit with Dark H-con (no battle, though), I kick Brock's ass and return to see that the blockade have been removed. It's finally time for some League action, only interrupted by DICKS one more time. I step into the pokémon League, not sure what I'm expecting.

When you have three legendary pokémon on your team, and two of them have higher stats across the board than Arceus, then very few things pose much of a problem to you. The same goes for the Elite 4. Koga gets bad ass points for sitting on lava though, but when Bruno has a level 200 Metapod, I wonder if the author intended any challenge at all. After slapping Lance around, I enter the Hall of Fame. Unhindered by that, my eyes are set on the last target, Mt. Silver and Red. Kind of anti-climax not having Dark H-con there though. Regardless, my Mewtwo finally hits 100, and let's just say that he was a key component in Red's defeat. And many Full Restore. His team was:
Pichu (250), Muk (190), Kingler (200), Dragonite (170), Pikachu (225), Entei (180). None could OHKO me (though I could OHKO few in return), and I was able to outstall him by making him waste his Full Restores on Pichu. After that, it was just to spam Psychic or an elemental punch, not too difficult.

So, what can I say after playing this game? I can say that a part of me would rather want to gouge my eyes out with a spoon than play it again. It gets bonus points for some ... creative typings and pokémon placement in the wild, but it cannot save this buggy, boring hack.

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