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A Vicious Circle

Crystal World Part 4. Shinies! Shinies everywhere!

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by , 25th June 2012 at 02:50 PM (2132 Views)
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Last time we tackled Whitney and Morty, and made our way to Olivine. Today, we'll be facing the Lighthouse, the route to Cianwood and Cianwood gym, plus we'll be heading east to Mahogany for some action.

Before I decided to go to the Lighthouse, I remembered I had some unfinished business with the day care couple. Namely, my odd egg. Now, as it turns out, this hatched to a shiny Cleffa. I won't be using it, seeing Clefable's sprite in Crystal is absolutely horrendous (though I must add that I like Clefable very much) and I don't bother with the grinding. Mostly the second.

I have another encounter with Dark H-con, though once again it turns out okay. I decide to check out the Moo Moo Farm, and it seems they have moved into new locales, but the setting inside remains the same. Having forgotten to farm berries, I go back to Olivine. Here, I raid some guy's house just to check my box status, try to force secrets out of young girls and learn to walk on water. I enter the lighthouse, though my reflection is pretty distracting. I encounter a rather high leveled Magikarp, and find my electric attacks ineffective. Wondering why that is, I decide to catch a Magikarp once I get out. Everything isn't as it seems inside the lighthouse, and gaps that seem unsafe are not, so I live dangerously trying to find out what holes are holes, and what holes are not.

I struggle to find my way up to the top, getting confused as to which way I should take, but I finally manage to meet Jasmine in the top floor. She begs for my help, and I'm always eager to help her.

On the way out I catch myself a Magikarp. I end up asking the question, why the hell is it a Bug type pokémon now? Ignoring that, why is Gyarados Bug/Dragon? These are the questions that will never get an answer. I drop by the Battle Tower, but it is of little interest to me at the moment, and I'd rather cross the ocean to get to Cianwood. Once again, things start to act up, especially the gym, who now have three doors, two of them leading to private homes. It turns out people also live in caves, the living situation in Cianwood must be pretty dire. Kris is an agile person, and quickly starts with her mountaineering, though little of interest is spotted from the top. With nothing else to do in the town, I nab the Secretpotion and go to the gym.

If you have read any of my other parts, the gyms aren't exactly the same as they used to be, and Cianwood is no exception. The gym has transformed into an electric type gym (though overleveled Lanturns are absent this time). People dress up as rocks, the gym leader hurls rock many meters away from him, all pretty standard for this game, and I think to myself that it's best to get the badge and get the hell out of here. Chuck starts out with his Ampharos, an easy match for Arson, though his Raikou's Thunder proves too much, and Ulrik finishes the match easily enough.

After looking through the town frantically for HM02, I discover that Chuck is a pretty perverted dude with a very young wife for his age. I don't give a fuck though, I can finally Fly around, though landing anywhere usually involves landing in trees or on rocks. Regardless, it's still pretty useful. One more thing on the island left, I encounter Suicune and fight Eusine. His pokémon haven't changed at all, so it's an easy match for Arson (level 55, lol). I pack up and fly back to Ecruteak, as I decide to deal with Mahogany before Jasmine (that's the way I prefer to do it in GSC in any case), and step into Mt. Mortar, no just more Surfing right past it.

Now, I've pretty much visited every cave in the main games, but no cave is as bad as Mt. Mortar in these games. It's a true maze, and it's pretty horrible to maneuver. Still, I find my way out (and catch a Skarmory on the way), get more Object events, and get to Mahogany. People start to mystically disappear when I enter town, and I immediately link it with Team Rocker, who is operating in town. I check out my Skarmory, one of the few up until now that haven't had it's typing changed.

Lake of Rage stands as the obvious destination, and I find the elusive Red Gyarados (luckily, no object event there). A mysterious dude contemplates on the shore, and he asks me to help him to destroy Team Rocket. I willingly accept, and watch him brutally attack goons with his Dragonite. Pretty neat.

Next time, we'll be heading down in the Rocket hideout, destroy Pryce and hopefully fight Jasmine, and return to Goldenrod for some Rocket business.

Also, in memory of my shiny Porygon from my first playthrough I got about the same time in the game I was at when I started today.

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