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A Vicious Circle

Crystal World Part 3, Electric Boogaloo

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by , 24th June 2012 at 04:23 PM (1478 Views)
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Welcome to part 3 of my playthrough of Crystal World. Last time, we defeated Bugsy and navigated through Ilex Forest amongst other things. Today we set forth to destroy Whitney and Morty, and get to Olivine.

Before battling Whitney, though, I decide to head north and visit the National Park. This quickly turns out to be a huge maze of trees and grass. And Farfetch'd everywhere. I do net some other interesting pokémon though, notably a Scyther and a Lickitung. Step one in making Lickitung useful Gamefreak, please pay close attention.

After a successful session in the park, I return back to Goldenrod to kick some gym ass. After maneuvering a lava filled underground, and battling a rather tricky Lanturn, I make it to Whitney's gym. It seems it have undergone major refurbishing, no Clefairy this time, and in my head warning bells start to chime. I resist the urge to shout out "BITCH" to Whitney when I see her. After being reassured by the guide that they still use Normal pokémon, I think I can wall them with my Rock type. It appears the guide is a pretty big fucking douche, and Smacker don't stand much chance. After watching Arson burn the entire gym to the ground, I face the leader herself.

Whitney starts easily with a Jumpluff, but it quickly escalates when she sends out her Celebi. Ulrik sludges it to death regardless, and the battle is easily won. You're better off sticking to Miltank. After getting my daily dose of voices in my head, I get my badge and head once again up north to remove one piece of ugly tree blocking my way. Interestingly enough isn't Sudowoodo a Grass type now, it's still Rock (albeit with a Fighting type added as well). I enter Ecruteak optimistically. That doesn't last long, and I'm promptly thrown out a window in the gym, it seems the gym leader is away at the moment.

I decide to look around town, and I locate a burned out tower. Everything related to fire and death excites my Moltres, and we decide to pay it a visit. Inside, I find the missing gym leader with his friend, looking for something. I encounter DICKS, an otherwise uninteresting fight, though I'm surprised he added a Smeargle to his lineup.

Object Events quickly ensue, and after a short talk with Eusine, I get to enter the gym. First though, is another small errand, namely kicking some Kimono ass in their dance theater. After a short demonstration of my complete lack of prediction when it comes to who has what, I get the thing I come for, HM Surf. I have still not figured out why we can't jump fences like this, if I had the chance I'd do it all the times. I'd drag myself up ledges as well, but that's another story. On the way out, I meet a slightly challenged Rhydon and take my leave.

Before the gym, I catch a Staryu in the grass, encounter Entei some times and I finally learn Flamethrower. Time to burn some shit to the ground.

We have now come to the Water gym, and I'm all set to mop up this gym rather easily. Also, take note, a Muk getting hurt by Poison, something is definitely odd here. It's also the only gym so far that haven't received a redesign, thankfully. That said, it contains some serious bullshit, named Medium Grace. Not only a level 70 Chinchou, but a level 90 Lanturn. My rage level is of the charts, but luckily there is a way to skip her (safe to say I have whited out on her a couple of times in vain attempts of defeating her). Morty, on the other hand, doesn't pose much of a challenge, and the most dangerous he packs is a Suicune, quickly dispatched by Raxa's Petal Dance.

As I was saying, I was going to head west to Olivine, where DICKS start to contemplate why he thinks Jasmine is weak. He better not criticize my Jasmine, I'll knock him to the floor. It's subsitute day at the pokémon center, it seems, but the substitute still do a pretty good job nonetheless.

In the end, my party looks like this. Arson (Moltres) lv. 49, Smacker (Graveler) lv. 45, Ulrik (Muk) lv. 49, Raxa (Vileplume) lv. 46, Stuv (Donphan) lv. 53, Cory (Sentret) lv. 3. Next time, we'll be tackling the lighthouse and try to cross the sea and fight the gym in Cianwood (if we ever get there...)

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