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A Vicious Circle

Just sit back and let life spiral out of control.

  1. I need ideas

    So, I'm learning this programming language (more specifically C++), and I'm having an exam later in May, so I decided that amongst other things, making (parts of) a game would be good exercise.

    I can do the game mechanics pretty good, but I feel I need creative input on ideas for storyline, characters, races, locations etc. etc. to stop making it extremely bland and pretty boring. So to put it short, if you have any ideas whatsoever that you think could work, do go ahead and post ...
  2. It's (about) time

    It's gen VI hype time. Will it be something new, or will it be the return of Mewtwo.

    ポケモンスマッシュ! - YouTube

    All aboard.
  3. Pokémon: Gen VI

    Just a small reminder of what's coming

    - More handholding
    - More 3D
    - More level 9 and under box legendaries
    - More garbage and ice cream
    - More pokéball and pile of x-ray'd semen
    - More hinting at Hoenn-remakes
    - Less Hoenn-remakes
    - More Hoenn-tears
    - More trumpets
    - More bitching about starters
    - More Fire/Fighting
    - More "dark & edgy xD"
    - More bitching about the anime
    - ...

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  4. Why Agumon is the best Digimon

    1. Pepper Breath

    Do you breathe fire? Does your cat breathe fire? I don't think so

    B. It's a reptile

    You know what other things are reptiles? Snakes are. Guess what can fuck your shit and poison you? That's right, reptiles.

    4. It's a Digimon

    I think it's clear that this franchise beats every other 'mon franchises.
  5. Power Ranking: Conquest Music

    Now, one thing I'm satisfied with Conquest is the battle music in the various castles. A lot of them are pretty cool and definitely fun to fight with. I feel some of the overworld and general fighting themes in the ravines, caves etc. etc. gets a bit bland after a while, but the same goes for pretty much every game out there for me, so it's not a big deal. What matters is the castles, and they have done many pretty decently, and many are far better (at least for their setting) than music in the ...
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