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Transformers 2 Is Not The Greatest Movie Ever Made!

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Transformers 2 Is Not The Greatest Movie Ever Made!

By “MasterTrainer”
bulbagarden forums

2 July 2009.

Edit: 3 July 2009: Fixed typos and made used language much simpler and clearer.

This June and July as well, people are in a frenzy over the new movie, Transformers Revenge of The Fallen, that was released on June 24th 2009. The movie itself has made over $200 million in just 5 days at the box office and soon it will be one of history's highest grossing films.
So as a Transformers fan, I should be celebrating... right?

Well I'm not.

Ever since the disaster I witnessed in the form of the much celebrated first movie in 2007, I had been expecting a far better sequel and at the very same time dreading how terrible it could be. My wait came to an end today.

I saw the movie today, but I found it even worse than expected. I'll not waste space in telling how bad it was.
But the worst thing I’d say of this movie is that it tries to portray itself as "The greatest movie ever made" or "The greatest thing you’ll ever see in your whole life" or some nonsense like that.

Saddened after watching it, I couldn’t come up with a decent comeback for answering back to this challenge, because "Transformers" in this form has simply never happened before... nor has anything been as visually spectacular as it. (I'll admit that at least...)

I nearly gave up and was ready to admit that "Transformers-by-director-Michael Bay-was-the-greatest" until my loafing around the net made me end up on Youtube. I was blankly staring at the reels of "Videos being watched now" when I saw something that interested me.

It was a picture amongst the many circulating ones of the reel that showed a scene from some anime (Japanese animation) that I couldn't identify as it was titled in Japanese. Quickly clicking on it out of curiosity I ended up with the Japanese titled video loading something of which I had no idea of what it could be...

…The video began and a familiar scene played out that I immediately remembered that I had seen many times over and over: The ending of the movie "Cooler's Revenge" which is the 5th movie from the 90s Japanese animated martial arts show "Dragonball Z".
I was bored so I decided to watch it even if it was in Japanese, so I cranked up the volume and surprisingly, the clip was in English! The clip showed just the final part where Goku, the hero, gets so saddened by the deaths of his friend and angered by Cooler's crimes that he goes Super Saiyan (his hair turns golden) till the end of the movie.

Not wanting to go into spoiler territory, I'll skip to the end of the clip.

After the clip of the movie ended (without the credits), I sat jaw-dropped stunned at how thrilling that was!
It was heart-stopping, spine-tingling, eye-popping and MIND-blowing ALL AT THE SAME TIME!!!
I just sat there staring at the floating icons now advertising other videos to watch for a full minute just recomposing myself. Then I realized that I had it! Just a mere 10 hours after watching the movie, I had my answer!

Transformers Revenge of The Fallen may not be defeatable by anything from live-action Hollywood, but it sure HELL CAN BE BEATEN BY AN ANIMATED FILM FROM 1991!!!

Then I remembered how stupid I was. An avid Dragonball Z fan I am, but hadn't seen any bit of the franchise in months I totally forgot how awesome the series was! And it doesn't stop there; EIGHT MORE MOVIES FOLLOW THE ONE I JUST SAW!!! And each even more breath-taking than the last!

And that's just Dragonball Z and the anime side of things; who are we kidding anyway? We are here for the Transformers. But we should keep a tiny fact in minds that-

-Transformers itself is from Japan!

After regaining my composure, I started checking out the old Transformer cartoons that aired in the past. Mostly, I took a look at “Transformers: Cybertron" (or "Galaxy Force" as it is known in Japan) and I was amazed at how much the older Transformers series themselves had to offer than what the movies didn't!

In "Cybertron" alone, we get LOADS of amazing places to go.
Travelling from Earth to other planets and beyond, the robots encounter whole new worlds and adventures involving cross world vehicle races, deathly jungles, shape-shifting transforming cities and massive BLACK HOLES! That sure beats the trip to the Pyramids we get in this movie!

Heck these robots would laugh their heads off if they saw this movie!
In "Cybertron," robots duke it out on all forms of land, sea, air, space, multiverse and cybertronium (elements that are found not on Earth).
They can be found strolling in the hearts of volcanoes (which makes the 6000 degree high-heat Sabot rounds weapons used by the US military to kill Decepticons in the movie look like a joke!).
They fuse AND defuse with each other to form even more powerful forms for combat (and no robot has to give up their lives to do so!).
They can live for thousands (and in some incarnations millions!) of years without any signs of aging or (as in the movie) rusting.
Rather than just walking around taking help from local humans for nearly all the work, the robots really don’t need the humans’ help at all. The converse is actually true, the humans learn far more from the bots!
Besides a few talented individuals, humans are quite an annoyance to the Transformers in the cartoons (they use their vehicle modes to DISGUISE themselves from the pesterings of humans as well as a form of waging war).

The lead robots you see are far better in this series!
Optimus Prime, the famous leader of the brave Autobots who also takes the shape of a red-blue truck, rather than using only his flame blades or an upgraded flying suit to dispatch his foes as he does in the movie, can do far more. Laser cannons, swords, and flight are just the basics in “Cybertron” whose Optimus can join up with other robots (and not only one but with many others as well!) to form not only one upgraded form but even further upgraded states one after another! His weaponry comes in all sorts from a flaming Lion’s Claw to picking up a ONE THOUSAND foot chainsaw while on the planet Gigantion to crush (you guessed it!) the mighty Megatron, leader of the evil Decepticons!
Megatron himself is shown in a far more intelligent, powerful and far more evil incarnation that shows his full potential than the movie’s Megatron. Even his lieutentant, the fighter plane known as Starscream goes far beyond getting his behind kicked or his face smacked around. In Cybertron, these two at one point nearly reduce an entire planet to near destruction in a death match while Megatron himself is able to hold off an entire Autobot ARMY before as he has his final battle with Optimus Prime on the surface of Earth’s moon.

Oh yeah! We even get to see TWO PLANETS fight each other! (I’m serious, check it out!)

Optimus Prime from Transformers Cybertron in 2005

Leave "Cybertron," just look at all the other series of Transformers: the Beast Era, the numerous comics and the original 1980's cartoon.

The possibilities of great entertainment are endless!

Beast Wars was a complete redo of the (at the time in the 90s) a stagnant franchise which single-handedly put life back into Transformers. Mostly made in America, it pioneered not only its never before seen CGI animation, but some of the franchise’s most compelling storylines and arcs that even put many Japanese shows of that era to shame. This part of Transformers was a shining milestone in the fact that it not only brought out a whole new show but actually paid homage to the original 80s cartoon and expanded upon it beyond what the originals were able to do. (Most significant today being the concept of a “Spark” in the bodies of the robots which is also shown in the 2007 and 2009 movies).

Sadly, the story and level of concept ideals are not carried over to this movie and it STILL hasn't come to even match the illustrious echelon set down first by the FIRST 1986 classic Transformer film.

23 years later, if we watch that film, we can ignore the old animation and effect and sit awestruck at the amazing storyline the movie had to offer. None of the great story has filtered into this year's movie at all which is quite sad. Given 10 years time (maybe less), some other film will come out with even better CGI and effects than "Revenge of The Fallen." Then the movie will look like garbage the same way it now makes anything that came before it look like the aforementioned GARBAGE.
When that day comes, then what will "Revenge" have? I do hope the suggested and expected third Transformers movie slated for 2012 does have a better storyline and far less STUPIDITY!

Well we can be assured of one thing. It has been always almost like a law about Transformers that for every new generation of the franchise that came, it was always BETTER in one way or other than the last. Now with the money roll coming in from 2007 and 2009’s movies, the Transformers franchise itself can last even longer after these movies are finished. And thus, one day, there is hope that the Transformers franchise ITSELF may eclipse these movies as it has done to its previous incarnations numerous times before.

That's something no Hollywood movie will ever be able to match nor can it match the scores of many other franchises and productions aside from and along with Dragonball Z that have come out, are coming out and will come out of Japan for many years to come.

Proud to be an anime and Transformers fan!


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  1. Yoshi-san's Avatar
    Personally I liked Armada better.
  2. Felly's Avatar
    Way too long. :(
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  4. Kiratwig's Avatar
    Did you just give us the whole script for the movie?
  5. Jabberwocky's Avatar
    I personally enjoyed ROTF. It was a good movie.


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