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There are a few people that I work with that have 3DSs and every single one loves Pokemon. I knew this was true for a few of them but I didn't know that the ones I work the most with actually are fans (definitely Zelda since we have been known to play games of Zelda charades during work).

Today, we had quite a bit of down time and it gave me more than enough time to talk to my coworkers for an extended period of time. Now, where I work, I don't often get a chance to have a lengthy conversation with most of the people I work with. During breaks and lunches, sure, but most of the time, no one goes on break/lunch at the same time so it is hard to get to know my coworkers well enough. I was pretty close to three of them: all 4 of us bring our 3DSs to work every day to Street Pass each other and we always talk about the games we're playing (especially Zelda) and I knew that a few others bring theirs as well since I Street Pass them on occasion as well.

With the down time today, it was easier to have large groups of us talk and it ended up that there were 5 of us 3DSers (as I am going to call ourselves) working today: me, two guys, and two other girls. We couldn't get all 5 of us together at once but whenever 3 or 4 of us were together, we ended up talking about video games in general (really mostly Nintendo) which always inevitably got us talking about Pokemon and X & Y. Of the 5 of us, 4 are planning on getting X, 1 Y, and one of the guys is going to convince his girlfriend to get Y and I'm pretty sure most of us are going with Fennekin (though that could still change).

We ended up talking a lot about strategies, our favorite Pokemon, rumors for X & Y (Fairy-type Pikachu, Dunsparce/Farfetch'd evolutions, and a second new Eeveelution foremost among them) and 4 of us were trying to explain to the fifth about the different aspects/elements/strategies of the series since her only prior experience was with Pokemon Snap (seriously).

But all of us are excited for Pokemon X & Y and today's experience brought me closer to some of my coworkers and I think we bonded a bit more than we had before.

And it brought me a new battle partner (who promised to battle me when her newly-purchased White version team is raised up enough).

If I didn't love my job, I'd definitely love my coworkers!

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  1. Venom's Avatar
    You are lucky no one I work with talks about pokemon. the only systems they talk about are X box 360 and playstation 3. that's why I loved Gen 4 and I'm so happy I can play with people online.
    Updated 24th June 2013 at 02:11 AM by Venom
  2. Phoenixphlare's Avatar
    I literally lol'd at the title cause you know flame wars.


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