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It's Not Cheating...It's Strategy

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In my last post, I talked about a co-worker that I had finally had the chance to battle and that in spite of his confidence, I managed to beat him and his team, including his beloved Gengar with my team, including my awesome Magmortar. Today he told me that we needed to have a rematch and that he was working on training a "special" Pokemon to beat me next time. He also told me that I got lucky and that I was cheating just because not only did I manage to confuse his Gengar with Confuse Ray (which eventually knocked itself out) but that when it actually did attack me, it got burned by Magmortar's Flame Body. I just looked at him like he was weird and told him that no, it wasn't cheating it was strategy. He told me I got lucky enough to defeat his Gengar. Big talk for some one I beat.

Apparently we also made plans to battle again, hopefully in the near future, and he said we could even use up to 1 Legendary (as long as it's not Mew). Now, I don't use Legendaries; I find that to be cheating, but I didn't question it. I just smiled and nodded. He continued on about how if one of us got a Kyogre with Drizzle, it would be a great start with a Ludicolo on the team. I'm just thinking: I really don't care. I know things like this are important in the overall metagame, but as I stated in my last post, I'm just not that into the metagame. I strategize within the game, but rarely use defensive moves and only recently have I cared about getting the best Abilities a Pokemon can use (especially ones like Static, Flame Body, Motor Drive, etc.). I focus more on offensive and status moves than anything else (he also got mad when I kept having my Flygon use Dragon Breath after he realized I was trying to Paralyze his team after I did so twice). If this is cheating, well, then I'm not going to play by his rules any way.

But now that I know a little bit about his plans and what he considers "cheating", I guess I should be preparing some new Pokemon to take him on so he has no idea what's coming and maybe I can get him to quit talking about how great his strategies are or how great his Pokemon are or what kind of Pokemon I should be using and instead talk about the games themselves and how much fun they are.

Yeah, I don't think that's going to happen either.

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  1. Bill Cipher's Avatar
    I'd just slap him. :I


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