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A Great Start to the New Year!

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by , 1st February 2013 at 02:19 AM (234 Views)
Well, it's still January here in Southern California for another hour or so so I still have time to post this before February starts.

I just wanted to say that so far, I've enjoyed the year 2013. I know we're only 31 days into the new year with plenty of time left for me to rethink my opinion of the year so far (and I'm sure that will happen shortly), but I've just got to say that this year is shaping up to be a good one for me.

At work, I'm back to the location I want to be at and, as a trainer who hasn't even seen that area in months, I've even gotten to do some training there (which was quite interesting considering I was back for a day, given three days off and then had some training shifts). Back in October or November, I had applied for a full-time position at work and didn't think anything of it since I didn't get it last time I had applied back in July. Well, I got a letter a couple of weeks ago saying that I was accepted for a full-time position! That certainly made me happy, especially since now I'll actually be able to take vacations and time off. Starting Monday, I'll officially be a full-time employee. I also applied for a lead position for one of the areas I work and just had my interview last week. Since there are a lot of applicants for various areas and positions and many interviews to get through, I won't find out for at least a month or so as I was in one of the first interviewing sessions. I worked hard for it and I certainly hope I get it.

I finally got my computer working again. I had just gotten a new one for Christmas and I really enjoyed it, but some how I messed it up and in the process of trying to fix it, I made it even worse. At one point, I couldn't even get it to turn on. Luckily, I still had my old one to use as a back up and my dad managed to get it working again about two weeks later. Let's just see what happens when I have my hands on it for a few days. Earlier this week, I managed to break my phone when it fell out of my pocket while I was at work. With all of the times it has fallen (or that I have dropped it) and it never managed to crack the screen. This time, it landed wrong and the screen cracked. It's still usable but I was kind of afraid to use it and making the problem even worse. It was over two years old so I was due for a new one but wasn't planning on getting one until my birthday in May (especially considering the new laptop I had just gotten). My dad ordered me a new one and I got it yesterday and I've been having so much fun playing with it. I really do like it, even if it is slightly bigger than the old one. Let's see how long this one will last...

Finally today, the last day of the first month of 2013, was quite an exciting one. Though I've had the game for over a year now, I got it into my head that I needed to finish it now. So I've spent the last two days trying to finish Twilight Princess. For any one that knows the game, I had 10 Poes and 1 dungeon left. That's it. All of the other side quests were completed and all of the other items were received. I like to try to get everything taken care of in games like this before finishing them, so I wanted to get the last of the Poes before attempting the final dungeon boss. With my sister looking at a walkthrough, I finally managed to get the rest of the Poes (though it took be a couple of hours) yesterday. Today, I decided to attempt the final dungeon and I did it! It took a while (I didn't realize that the final boss had so many phases and was so hard to defeat in that game), but I finally finished that Zelda game. And it was good timing too because the end credits were about halfway done when my mom walked in the door carrying a box that I had been waiting for. Inside was my copy of Hyrule Historia. It was such fortuitous timing and such a great ending to the month! I can't wait to see what the next month will bring.

Now if I can only get that shiny Registeel on Black 2 that I've been working on getting for the past two days, the year would be off to a perfect start...

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