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Battle On!

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I have a friend at work who has Black 2 and ever since we both got it, we've been waiting to battle each other. I managed to beat the game in four days and he was still needing to get his 3rd badge, so it took a while before he was even caught up. When he finally did finish, we never had time because we would just pass each other on the way to work and didn't have enough to stop for a proper battle. Yesterday, we finally had some time to properly battle before work and we ended up having a full 6-on-6 battle. I don't remember everything he used, but I do know that his first Pokemon, a Blastoise, managed to knock out my Metagross in about 2 hits of Surf. Of course, at this point he was feeling pretty confident and though I don't remember the exact details, I know that I knocked out his Blastoise with my Ampharos and his Sandslash with my Unfezant (he used Magnitude on it for some inexplicable reason). I can't remember what came next but he had a Pidgeot, a Serperior, and something I can't remember, and I used my Flygon on at least one or two of them. I managed to knock one after paralyzing it with DragonBreath and I paralyzed another with the same move before getting knocked out. I sent out my Magmortar and knocked out whatever it was that was still standing of his Pokemon. His last Pokemon was his Gengar and he seemed very confident in his choice. I trusted in my Magmortar's strength and used Confuse Ray on the Ghost-type. It affected it but nothing happened the first time it attacked and I was down to about 7 HP so I used one of my Fire attacks (either Flamethrower or Fire Blast, I can't remember) and the Gengar was still standing. Then it got hit by it's own attack and I managed to attack with Thunderpunch and it was still standing, but just barely. On it's final attack, Gengar knocked itself out due to confusion and I won the battle with my Magmortar barely standing and my Lucario on deck.

He told me afterwards a lot of stuff about training his Pokemon to be good with the Attack and good with stat changes. He said his Gengar was trained to withstand Dark types. All I could do was smile and nod and listen as he went on and on about his training strategy for different Pokemon. While I appreciate the metagame and the people who work hard at getting their teams to be the best they can be, I don't really care about any of that and just battle for fun. If its a close battle and I had a fun time doing it, even if I lose, it's great. If I get knocked out right off the bat, then I know there's something I need to improve on.

I'm hoping to battle him again because it was so fun and I hope we have more time so we can have a more planned out battle (I just picked a couple of my strongest for my team) with more variety. It was fun battling someone else for a change.

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