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  1. May the Fourth be with you.

    Hehe, just wanted to say that it's

    ~ STAR WARS DAY!! ~

    I hope all you fans of Star Wars had an awesome day, and remember to thank George Lucas for one of the
  2. Well, that's depressing.

    Today started off terribly. (even more terrible than a Monday ALREADY is) I woke up this morning to discover that my rabbit had died. I already had a case of the Monday's, so this was definitely not morale boosting. It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't know how he died. He broke his own neck. Every night he tried to escape, and sometimes he succeeded, but this time the cage lid proved too heavy for the little guy. Once I'm done mopping up some of the blood, I'm gonna dig a little ditch for him. ...
  3. Ugh.

    Nothing starts the day like a big water leak straight through the roof. We were about to leave the house for school when my mom yelled to get all the towels I could find because "we had an emergency." Emergency indeed... there was a steady flow of water spilling right through the vent and where the chandelier was attached in the dining room. Turns out that the toilet in the room above it sprung a leak. The thing that fed the fresh water into the tank had broken free and was gushing water ...
  4. Pokemon Spring Carnival - Pokemon Town

    Today I went to Pokemon Spring Carnival - Pokemon Town 2015 with @Mintaka;

    We had two objectives: a) Get shiny Rayquaza, and b) Battle Team Aqua/Magma

    Spoilered for pictures and length