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  1. I hate Digimon Savers!

    I decided to post this here since I need to let out my emotions about this issue since any where else would make me sound like a troll.
    Now I'm a big fan of digimon, I've been a fan since I was 5 when Adventure first became part of the Fox Kids line up.
    Recently we've had to see Masaru return in Xros Hunters to punch the crap out of digimon, and this is stupid!
    I hate Digimon Savers so much! When ever I think about this show I feel like I'm getting a brain aneurysm, that is ...
  2. Straiton City Gym Leaders the Shadow triad?

    Someone pointed this out to me because they're the only leaders who didn't show up during the finale of BW.

    What do you think?

    I don't think it's true but I wanted to see other opinions.
  3. Dream World in RSE?

    I was playing Emerald the other day and there is one person in the Devon Corp. building who says he's working on an invention to enter pokemons dreams but it isn't done yet.

    Could this be how the dream world can be entered in remakes for Ruby and Sapphire?
  4. Ideas for Brawl pokemon

    Here are my ideas for pokemon if they were to come out with a brawl squeal:

    Metapod Uses string shot to slow down your opponents
    Breedrill Flies around and uses twin needle
    Pidgeot Uses whirlwind to try to get your opponent off the stage
    Raticate Goes around the stage using double edge and knocks opponents flying
    Ekans Uses bind very shortly and does little damage
    Sandslash Uses roll out very quickly and gives damage to anyone who comes near ...

    Updated 22nd October 2009 at 08:01 PM by Magmaster12

  5. GTS is evil

    So I'm GTS and I find someone who is offering a shiny Gliscor for an Altaria, witch turns out to be hacked since it was met a level 69 at the pokemon league, so I put back on GTS only to get a Gliscor with the same moveset and get information on location but I guess that's what I get for putting one up.

    But really hackers are ruining GTS if you're going to hack to get a Pokemon off GTS or hack your pokedex you're betting hacking to get the Pokemon you want I also got a Snorlax off ...
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