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Ideas for Brawl pokemon

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Here are my ideas for pokemon if they were to come out with a brawl squeal:

Metapod Uses string shot to slow down your opponents
Breedrill Flies around and uses twin needle
Pidgeot Uses whirlwind to try to get your opponent off the stage
Raticate Goes around the stage using double edge and knocks opponents flying
Ekans Uses bind very shortly and does little damage
Sandslash Uses roll out very quickly and gives damage to anyone who comes near
Ninetails Uses fire blast on the opponent in front
Golbat Flies around and bites down on foes
Vileplume Uses stun spore like bellosum
Digtrio Uses Fissure KOing any pokemon on the ground but has a 30% chance of KOing
Arcanine Uses extreme speed and appears very briefly just getting the way of opponents
Alakazam Uses Gravity to make the players heavier or lighter
Victreebel Uses vine whip on near by opponents
Farfetch'd Flies around the stage trying to use slash on an opponent
Voltorb Uses explosion instead of self destruct it's just weaker
Marowak Runs around using boomerang
Weezing Uses pioson gas causing anyone near to be immobilized
Mr.Mime Creates invisible barriers around the stage
Jynx Uses sweet kiss and confuses the opponent
Pinsir Uses Bind holding onto foes briefly
Eevee It was originally going to be in the game but it was removed were it was supposed to evolve on stage then use a move this is how I see it
Vaporeon Water Gun
Jolteon Thunder
Flareon Lava Plume
Espeon Physbeam
Umbreon Dark Pulse
Leafeon Razor Leaf
Glaceon Ice Shard
Aerodactyl Flies around and swoops on opponents
Articuno What it did in Melee blizzard
Zapdos Same as melee it uses Thundershock
Dragonite Flies to the back of the stage and uses a powerful hyper beam
Meganium Uses Frenzy plant and attacks opponents near by
Cyndaquil Same as Melee attacks foes from behind with its flame
Typhlsion Uses blast burn and has the same effect as Frenzy Plant
Totodile Runs around using bite on opponents
Feraligatr Uses Crunch but move so slower the totdile but does more damage
Ariados Uses spider web leaving opponents immobilized
Azumarill Does what Marill did in Melee runs around causing damage but 50% chance of doing double damage (because of Azumarills ability)
Sudowoodo Goes around using hammer arm
Steelix Does what onix did in the original, goes around using tackle
Scizor Flies around causing damage like in Melee
Heracross Uses megahorn on near by opponents
Politoed Uses hydro pump on foes from side to side
Skarmory Uses air cutter on opponents from the sky
Hitmontop Uses rapid spin causing damage to near by opponents
Blissey Does what chansey did in melee, gives out eggs that can sometimes be used as a weapon or restore health
Raikou Uses spark like in Melee
Tyranitar Comes in and creates a sandstorm sometimes causes damage to all players on the field
Treeko Uses pound on nearby opponents
Sceptile Runs around using leaf blade
Blaziken Runs around using blaze kick like what hitmonchan did in the original
Mudkip uses mud shot on nearby foes
Swampert Uses Muddywater soaking the entire feild
Beautifly Flies to the top of the stage and uses silver wind attacking everyone
Breloom Uses mach punch getting nearby foes
Slaking Uses a very strong focus punch but doesn't attack half the time or if hit
Exploud Uses hyper voice attacking foes on one side of the stage
Hariyama Jumps sending shockwaves
Manectric Uses roar and move foes off the stage
Camerupt Erupupts like a volcano all over the the stage does less damage if the user has bad HP
Grumpig Uses confuse ray confusing everyone on the stage
Castform Changes the weather then uses weather ball sends up in the sky and drops it on a foe
Absol Uses night slash on nearby foes
Glalie Uses ice beam freezing opponents
Salamence Uses dragon claw on nearby foes
Regirock Uses stone Edge and hurls it at foes
Regice Uses ice beam on nearby foes
Registeel Uses flash canon on nearby foes
Turtwig Uses leaf storm causing massive damage at the target
Torterra Same thing Venusaur in melee, earthquake
Chimchar Uses flame wheel all over the stage and works like roll out
Infernape Runs around using closed combat
Empoleon Uses Hydro Canon left to right
Staraptor Flies around using closed combat
Luxray Runs around using spark
Roserade Uses petal dance making a small tornado
Floatzel Goes around using aqua jet
Cherrim uses sunnday and launches solar at the closest foe
Ambipom Uses swift making stars all over the stage
Drifblim Uses Ominous wind attacking all foes
Lopunny Uses bounce by jumping up high and falling down pounding opponents
Bronzong Uses trick room slowing down foes
Garchomp Uses sandtomb immobilizing foes
Ryperior Uses rock wrecker kind of like rollout but bigger
Magmortar Like Charizard in Melee it'll use flamethrower from left to right
Magnazone Uses discharge on the entire stage
Yanmega Uses sonic boom damaging nearby foes
Porygon-Z Uses tri-attack on nearby foes or uses tackle like Porgon 2 in Melee
Heatran Uses magma storm like what enei does but bigger
Rigigigas Uses crush grip on close foes
Giratina Uses Shadow Force on foes it flies up high then it's like meta knight's final smash
Darakrai Uses dark void putting foes to sleep and also take damage
Shaymin Uses seed flare damaging foes on the entre stage
Arceus Uses Judgement and works like PK starstor

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  1. 1337R34P3R's Avatar
    tfl;dfr. use the BBCode for list; it's easier than HOLY WALL OF TEXT.
  2. Dan's Avatar
    the pinsir one is bad. it wouldnt be fair, if you get it, its game over man.
  3. Magmaster12's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by DCM
    the pinsir one is bad. it wouldnt be fair, if you get it, its game over man.
    I guess it would be more fair if it used bind
  4. Dan's Avatar
    yeah, that would work better.
    lopunny could do that slamming foes into the ground so they dont move thing.
  5. Mijzelffan's Avatar
    I aprove of:
    mr. mime

    others are about the same, these do something special (well, sceptile doesn't, but I like him).

    You should add linoone, who picks up items from the field and brings them to the player.


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