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First Reactions to DP

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Now I didn't start playing Pokemon a lot until late 2007 so I know very little about the reactions people had when Diamond and Pearl first came out.

However I did find this old thread

I personally find the reactions to the new evolutions really funny, like people being mad over new Eeveelutions but before Slyveon was revealed it seemed to be the only Pokemon people wanted.

Also there's the first reactions to Arceus which kind of speak for themselves.

It's going to be so much worse then this in October.

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  1. Reila's Avatar
    People calling Game Freak lazy for creating evolutions for old Pokémon, but that is exactly what the fans keep asking for. xD

    I also found interesting is that most people that used to post back in 2006 don't post anymore.
  2. Ranger Jack Walker's Avatar
    Digging up old threads during the time of a generation reveal only shows the hypocrisy and fandumb of the, well, fandom.
  3. Winterdaze's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Æsahættr View Post
    OMG that would kick so much ass. Could you just imagine a generation where all the pokemon weren't already revealed by the time you played the game?
    I might not have to imagine anymore, random user from 2006.


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