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Week 5 - Edit

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It rained today. And the power was going out all over town. And the city was flooding. And bridges and hills went down, some homes were even on the edge too. It was fun. And wet. And really cold.

Besides this, I've been cleaning up. For the move and all. I hope that goes over smoothly.

I've been watching a lot of youtube lately. Mostly video blogs. I wonder if anyone here has any, that would be neat. I heard Matkin22 do a commentary on a battle he had. It was an awesome battle, and you did a good job! It's always nice to put a face/voice to a name. I have an Irish accent in my head right now. It is disturbing, so I'll stop writing now.

Edit: And because of this, I have looked at the Bulbagarden Picture thread. Many people I thought were boys are girls, and girl are boys, and men are girls, and boys are men, and girls are mustaches. o.o

A few of you are just as I thought, but oh boy, I may want to do a compare and contrast picture post. Lol.

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  1. Every Breaking Wave's Avatar
    Hey, it's an English accent, not an Irish one! :P
  2. Ekard's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Matkin22
    Hey, it's an English accent, not an Irish one! :P
    Lol. I was listening to some youtube Irishmen. That is what I meant. (:
  3. Every Breaking Wave's Avatar
    Ahh, I see.


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