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Week 4

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by , 11th January 2010 at 11:04 PM (176 Views)
My housemate finally moved out. I never got any money from him, only a promise that I'll get it one day. That doesn't really help me right now, but there isn't really much I could do. I borrowed the money from different people, and now I just need to work on finding a job and paying people back. I need to get packing, this is my last month here and I have a lot of junk...

In other news, I've slept for a record 38 hours in the past two days. Eek. What a waste.

I've been looking around the forums lately, and everyone is always so angry. It's upsetting. ^^

I missed La Rosca... Which kinda sucks, I like the bread. It's okay though, I'm not even sure I would have wanted to go out that day.

We are going to have a Movie Night. I am not sure what to watch, I'd like to put on Grapes of Wrath or Echoes of a Summer, but I'm pretty sure we're going to end up watching a Comedy......... eeh. Any suggestions?

I've been in the mood for MMOs lately. I got a DDO account, started RS again, and been looking into WoW. I think the attention to WoW has died down a bit, enough for me to be okay with playing it... Silly, I know, but I really hated all that came with playing; I'm pretty sure at this point not many people care, so I feel comfortable getting it.

I was going to add an audio clip today, but I'm not sure that... I can, or know how. I suppose I could update Live Journal or something... Maybe youtube? I don't know. I'll figure it out, and maybe post it next week.

So, question time, what MMO/Community Games/Forums do you play/participate in?

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