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August 2010

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It looks like I will be updating this blog as often as I have been doing. That leaves more to talk about each time!

So, I finished my EV list now. I did a few extra legendaries, but now they're on standby and my games are now shelved for now. I did raise extra teams to level 100, perhaps the best I've done. I did have another battle with a random student on campus, slightly harder but I won. I wish I could battle online, but my wireless Internet won't do it.

With my new cable television setup, I can now watch the fresh dubbed episodes. I tape them all the time, but I only keep the ones that I believe are important. I really can't wait for the Sinnoh conference to be dubbed. I knew Ash would get his ultimate redemption against Paul, but he'll probably lose to Takuto. It would be a shame to have a three-part epic duel and a single defeat episode. It reminds me of a StarCraft set, where in one match a full-length game results in a decisive win, and then losing the second one to a cheap rush.

Although details on Generation V are still coming, I will wait until the series are released before I attempt to learn all the new details.

I know I haven't been contributing as much to Bulbapedia. My free time is much reduced and most of my link fixing is getting harder to locate. I really want to write more episode summaries. It appears the DP ones are mostly set, but I'll definitely get any fresh dubbed ones that I like.

In other non-Pokémon news, I have been playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and StarCraft II a lot now. Just waiting for Halo: Reach as well.

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  1. Melty's Avatar
    By "taping" do you actually mean taping? As in, VHS tapes and a VCR?
  2. rockersk08's Avatar
    Yes indeed, I am old fashioned in using the now archaic VCR! I have a bunch of old tapes lying around and I'm taping over them since I have those on DVD now. But even that's getting beaten out by online resources. It's nice to have them for reference as well as recording historic anime moments. Apologies for not replying quickly.


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