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  1. The September 2011 Update

    by , 5th September 2011 at 08:30 PM
    Update time!

    I am almost finished with my EV training project of the new Unova Pokémon. I have about eight more to go. I decided not to train certain Pokémon based on lower quality stats and shallow move pools. Depending on my results, I might raise the new teams either from scratch or simply to level 100. I looked into the Pokémon Online Battle Simulators, and I might consider jumping onto that for competition.

    There hasn't been a lot for me to do on Bulbapedia, ...
  2. June 6th, 2011 post: Black and White progress, other gaming, and the opinion piece.

    by , 6th June 2011 at 11:03 PM
    Time to update this blog. Firstly, I want to congratulate the staff on upgrading the forums, because it looks awesome!

    So, I did get Pokémon Black and White and pretty much completed the main storyline on both. Right now, I'm finishing up my second level 100 team on White, piling up the cash. I actually was surprised that now players can have more than a million in cash! Once that's done, I'm going to play through the Battle Subway and get more BP, so I can get the EV items and a ...
  3. Prior to BW English Release

    by , 25th February 2011 at 09:26 PM
    Black and White is just a few weeks away from its release in the United States! I am personally excited to try out the new series and learn as much as possible about the new generation, to make up for practically ignoring it since the Japanese debut.

    The BW anime series is great to start off. The opening theme is short yet worth it, the graphics are up, and its great for me to follow a series completely new, not just picking it up with background knowledge. I just might hate Trip ...
  4. August 2010

    by , 21st August 2010 at 12:03 AM
    It looks like I will be updating this blog as often as I have been doing. That leaves more to talk about each time!

    So, I finished my EV list now. I did a few extra legendaries, but now they're on standby and my games are now shelved for now. I did raise extra teams to level 100, perhaps the best I've done. I did have another battle with a random student on campus, slightly harder but I won. I wish I could battle online, but my wireless Internet won't do it.

    With my ...
  5. Spring 2010

    by , 3rd February 2010 at 09:04 PM
    Looking forward to the release of HGSS in the United States. Only one more month now. Then I'll get up and buy both versions.

    My list is finally done, and I took six from that list and made a competitive level 100 team. Still, I have nobody to duel against. I did however duel against my biology lab partner with a group of level 50s, but I won easily.
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