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  1. Eevee = Life

    So before I had been questiong life and wether to end it or not...

    But it was quickly resolved when I got home opened a package and found the most adorable Eevee plush doll ever!

    My sadness and sorrow had completely vanished as I craddled the plush lovingly... As long as I have this plush I will be happy!
  2. Fair... Or not at all? Deleting the blog

    Ok so letting others deleting the blogs made by other people is a way to help them overcome a problem yet also restrictions their freedom of speech which in turn would make said person feel twice as worse and drive them further into the feelings shown...

    Really think before making the action to delete something but I'm ok... At first I was horrible hurt by having it deleted but I then over came it later in the day.

    So keep in mind... Think first, delete second.
  3. Failure

    Nothing new today my life is empty... Fail.

    Reserved copy of Pokemon Rumble Blast! the day before it's release date... Pass!

    Have discount for having a member card... Pass!

    Get discount on Guide book I need badly... Pass!

    Get told I'm not allowed to use 3DS... Epic Fail!

    Collapse from the worst fail... Check. *KO! and thud*
  4. Sword, Scythe, (Blank)

    Nova uses a sword, avoN uses a Scythe, but what should I use...

    Nova is the light he swears that he'll blade will defend those in danger.

    avoN is the darkness who takes the lives of the innocent with a swing of his scythe...

    But where does that put me... Someone of both yet neither Light or Darkness... What should I use to protect other or to defeat my enemy?

    I need suggestions so I can design my own signature weapon...
  5. So bored... New something to do...

    I haven't been playing my 3DS much lately, the PS2 in my room has been gathering dust, and I feel sleepy...

    I need something to do but I can't seem to focus on anything...

    need something to do...
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