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  1. My first attempt at a none Pokemon Role Play.

    by , 16th February 2011 at 04:25 PM

    I'm trying a role play that doesn't involve pokemon and I'm hoping to get at least eight others to join up.
  2. A too Clingy Pink ring color Umbreon.

    by , 15th February 2011 at 04:26 PM
    A had a dream where I found this female Umbreon and she was hurt her front left leg was cut so I had got out some bandages and helped to bandage her up. She was clearly happy because she then started to nuzzle my leg but when I tried to leave she had started to cling to my leg.

    “Ok let go please…”

    I said shaking my leg slightly but she didn’t loosen her grip so I tried to pull her off but that got me nowhere so I gave up and said…

    “Ok you ...
  3. Darn plan coverages... Why can't it just be easy to figure out.

    by , 10th February 2011 at 04:03 PM
    I wanted to use my Black Berry Cell Phone to E-mail a picture from it to myself but I have to buy Internet which all though only 1.99 a month is pointless since the Black Berry needs to be on a Wireless Server but there are none where I live.

    This is so unfair I really wish I could get those pictures here...
  4. Dream gone crazy...

    by , 4th February 2011 at 04:18 PM
    I had the strangest dream in it all my Pokemon where in Anthro or Furry form.

    That wouldn't really have been anything new but then they all started to do the Macarena and they were doing it amazingly good.

    Why the Macarena? When did they learn to do it? How can they be so light on there feet?
  5. i'm lossing it...

    by , 11th January 2011 at 12:02 PM
    i can't get my nerves under control lately. i'm so scared that almost anything makes me jump.

    i'm having more nightmares... i feel faint and everything seems to be leading me to fear..

    i don't feel good... i'm lossing my nerve and i've never had much to start with.
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