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  1. hopeless spiral... Unknown cause.

    I don't understand it... i feel horrible but nothing has happened to me.

    I'm having dark thoughts again but they are far more worse...

    I'm going to lose it if I can't get things settled...

    depression is growing stronger...

    I feel ill...

    What is wrong with me... I'm even taking medication that's supposed to help me with my depression.
  2. Doomed (A dark Poem)

    Doomed… (Dark Poem)

    Never heard of joy,
    Always treated like a toy.
    Never have been saved,
    Forever forced and enslaved.
    Never getting to see those holy lights,
    Every day watching murderous fights.
    Feeling as if being torn apart,
    By a demonic grip upon the heart.
    Torture and you (I) share a room,
    (My) Your vary life has been filled with doom.

    (Made to reflect the darkness within my soul)
  3. Unintentional Snipper... Why me... ^^;

    We've had Pickelball in PE but lately I've nearly accidently hurt people when I hit the pickel ball to hard... Today I even accidently hit someones hand when I tried to throw the ball in the box...

    I once even nearly hit my teacher in the face on accident... I have said sorry so many times that it's almost all I say in PE now.

    Why me...
  4. Return of Pokemon in the Real world.

    That old story of mine I have decieded to re-write it and post it here so anyone who liked the original might like the new version.

    If there are any people who question how I'm going to make it all I can say is I'm going to try my best.
  5. Broken Hearted for the lost Love ball…

    I had bought a foam Love Ball pokeball and I took it to school and played with it during open gym. I was doing wall ball for about fifteen minutes then I decide to use a racket but that was a mistake I hit it too hard and it got stuck on a ledge on the top of the gym.

    I climbed up the bleached and looked to where it got stuck and saw it… I came up with a plan all I needed was two long jump ropes and I would have gotten it but… My teacher didn’t listen to my play so I’ll have ...
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