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  1. Listen to me... The past is the past and I can't look back but must look ahead.

    Me and my fictional character the Wolf Hybrid Nova live by a new motto...

    "The past will forever remain as that... The past! We Can hold onto the memories that we have had back then but they are only memories that will one day disappear from our memory but will forever remain in our hearts... We might eventually remember these lost memories and miss those times, BUT! It is not healthy to dream of your past... Sorrows, Joy, Anger, or Thrill... Because our future will hold far ...
  2. Nova and avoN... A mirror image

    So I've had my OC Nova for some time and thought he needs a rival someone to really challenge him so I made up the Dark Dopple avoN who is a complete opposite of Nova in every way.
  3. Black Onslaught on the Rampage of the Black Beast!

    Got BlazBlue Continuum Shift 2 and I am Loving Ragne the Bloodedge.

    Soul Eater such a helpful move sapping away opponent health and restoring his own...

    Changing his left arm into a Demonic Hand, grabbing his target, destroying them with a 70 hit combo of pure Dark Evil... DEVOURED BY DARKNESS! *Evil laugh*

    My all my foes be doomed to hell! *Slaps self* Sorry... I'm a bit on edge lately...
  4. A boredom induced question...

    What would you consider me as?

    A) Friend
    B) Odd ball
    C) Acquaintance
    D) The Lonely guy
    E) Who are you? *Knows nothing about me*
    F) Other... *Describe*
  5. Time draws to an end... My finally days being here on Bulbagarden...

    Do to a lack of activity here and the lack of time I have free to get here is so low that I'm afraid I will have to leave...

    I doubt anyone even cares what I have to say... But I just say things without thinking it's a flaw of mine.
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