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Light Fang

Back and Forth...

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I'll be showing up here a bit more than usual as I put the base chapters to my Fan Fic here giving my editor easier access to them so he can start working on the revisions which I will post in my DA account Lightfang007.

I simply ask that no one comments on the chapters I post here because they are like a shortcut for my friend.

Also please note the User name, Location, and Signature I am currently using. They are do to the dark time of my life for which I have entered expressing that I am feeling twisted on the inside but on the outside I still appear the same. I still go out of my way to listen to others problems they are facing in their life thus giving them advice which really helps them start to feel better.

Oh and if this seems to have no real focus please note that I can be Random and confusing.

PS: I Love admire the Fluffy and will always love

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