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Misty Lover17

Character deaths

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Well, last week, one of my favorite characters died on Code Geass. It was really sad watching seeing Shirley laying in her own blood, it gushing out of her. Her last words were so sad too. I thought Johnny did a really job on that scene. Same with Amy.

Rest in peace, Shirley Fenette......... "cries"

I'll do a loger post remembering her later.

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  1. PockyAddict's Avatar
    She died? :( I watch Code Geass sometimes and she is a cute character of the show. And I missed the episode today. :(
  2. Misty Lover17's Avatar
    Yay, another Geass and Shirley fan!

    Yep, she died in last Saturday's episode. It was really sad. It really hurt seeing her laying in her own blood. "cries"

    Last night's episode had her funeral. My eyes got really watery during that part. :-:

    Yep, Shirley is a cutie. There's many things I really like about her.<3
  3. Kiratwig's Avatar
    I saw it ;_;
    poor Shirley
    I hated Rolo after that episode


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