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Misty Lover17

  1. Character deaths

    Well, last week, one of my favorite characters died on Code Geass. It was really sad watching seeing Shirley laying in her own blood, it gushing out of her. Her last words were so sad too. I thought Johnny did a really job on that scene. Same with Amy.

    Rest in peace, Shirley Fenette......... "cries"

    I'll do a loger post remembering her later.
  2. Shaymin, and many other things that's on my mind.

    Well,this week marks the giving out of the cute little hedgehog Pokémon, Shaymin! I can't wait to get it this week! Though, my DS does need to be charged up. Been playing lots of Pokémon Ranger 2 lately.........

    But I do have other stuff on my mind right now.....

    Reading some stuff made me think of love. I've been in love before, and it was great. The feeling it gave me made me happy. I know that someday, I'll find the girl that will love me for who I am. ...
  3. Introduction

    Well, I've never made a blog before, but I've been wanting to make one some where.........

    I'm Misty Lover17! I've been a Pokémon fan for pretty much the entire time it's been in America.

    As for shows I like, well,obviously, one of them is Pokémon. I'm currently a big fan of Code Geass. Been watching it since last April on Adult Swim.

    And of course, one of my favorite characters from that show is........