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Thinking of recording Platinum.

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I started to record Platinum for a video walkthrough. And I'm dead serious this time; I will go through with it. I even made a little intro!

Feel free to look at it. Just ignore the frog at the bottom-right: that's an ImageShack thing.

Video ideas are swirling in my mind regarding Platinum. For example, I'm thinking I'll let Origin Forme Giratina faint (while making it look like a failed capture attempt) so I can record the rematch in Turnback Cave later on. In fact, I alreay got the "Altered Forme Giratina" video mapped out in my head: Giratina's capture, the retrieval of the Griseous Orb, and, to be original, to use the extra video space, and for the hell of it, showing a wild Ditto Transforming into my Origin Forme Giratina, then transforming again into Altered Forme (because it lacks a Griseous Orb).


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