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Ravings of a Royal Sharpedo

Super Effective: Normal

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Yeah, I know. Late bandwagon is late.

But I just felt like doing this, so I may as well. Gives me something to do. XD

So, the Normal type. Overall, pretty so-so in my opinion. Plenty of Pokes here are medicore, but there are gems here, like Blissey, P-Z, and Arceus. There are definitely types I like better.

Favorite Pokemon

It's so funny-looking, especially in PBR, what with its shaking. Always makes me laugh. And I also love power, which this thing displays with its amazing base 135 Sp. Attack. Its base 90 Speed is also usable, especially with Agility. In fact, I love using an Agility + Download set with this thing. Back when it was RU, it destroyed things left and right. So awesome. I've loved this thing ever since DP, when it was a new stage to the Porygon family that always had my interest.

Least Favorite Pokemon

Useless, useless, useless. And just plain ugly. Undoubtedly the worst fully-evolved Pokemon native to Unova, and among the worst fully-evolved Pokemon on the entire planet. It can't use the special movepool standard to Normal-types because of its awful base 60 Sp. Attack, it doesn't have a decent movepool to use its Attack (which is its best stat, still at an unimpressive base value of 85), it's slower than it looks (base Speed's 77), it can't take hits worth crap, and it has no good Abilities. Ugh, get this ugly, Detect-spamming waste of space out of my face!

Up next: Fighting

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  1. Karamazov's Avatar
    Watchog has actually been pretty great on my Jimmy Ray team.


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