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Ravings of a Royal Sharpedo

Sapphire Nuzlocke - Part 09: Rekindling!

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I can't let the death of Ignis extinguish me in this Nuzlocke! It's time to relight the fire of hope in Part 9!

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  1. AnybodyAgrees's Avatar
    Pity you can't find anything like a Geodude or a Ground/Water.
    Gyarados is somewhat fast and can learn Flamethrower, so maybe trying that might not work out horribly? If you're that insistant on having something resistant to Electric, maybe you can try the Electrike you caught just for the gym and then switch to Gyarados when you're done.(Or there's always brute force level grinding...)
  2. SharKing's Avatar
    The fight's already done, I'm editing Part 10 right now, and believe me, I had to do something a little unusual to oppose Wattson. Along with some brute-force level grinding (though I tried to put myself even with him rather than severely overleveled). I'll drop this hint before revealing it tomorrow: it got desperate.
  3. Exor's Avatar
    Not sure if I'll be watching this, but I want you to DESTROY Glacia when you get to her. The reason my Emerald Nuzlocke sank. StupidBitchAndHerSheerColdHax.

    Onion Ring the Linoone is lulz, btw.
  4. SharKing's Avatar
    @crystallineEntropy; Haha, I'll keep that in mind! As a bonus, this old Emerald vid ought to make you happy, even though it isn't exactly Nuzlocke footage.
  5. Exor's Avatar
    +1 0 Atk Huge Power Azumarill Rollout vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Walrein: 2592-3050 (718 - 844.8%) -- guaranteed OHKO

    ....suck it, you fat bag of hax.

    Heh, and your final team was amazing.


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