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A Nasty Surprise

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by , 29th September 2009 at 08:31 AM (605 Views)
Really nasty. Apparently, on Sunday, a pipe blew under the apartment I live in, because the living room floor was slowly flooding with filthy water. It was very inconvenient, especially because the apartment owners didn't even set up an emergency number! Idiots! We had to get everything out of there, and I mean everything: the couch, the TV, all that good stuff. The repair needed some special machine to determine the location of the broken pipe. Then, the repair people we called had to pull the entire living room carpet, made unusable by severe water damage, and put jackhammers to the concrete below! Now there's a cement job drying up, so my family can't enter the living room.

We did get one good thing out of this: a 2-day vacation at Comfort Suites. But, despite the vacation, I really wish this didn't happen, because now, I have to be in the apartment with the cement job to beware of, and my family's gonna lose a lot of money for this.

UPDATE: The repair people are going to remove their fans and place new padding on the floor of the living room on Friday. The cement will definitely be dry then, and we'll be able to move all our furniture back.

EDIT: I had to move this, so this didn't happen right when I posted it; it happened a few months back.

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  1. DCM's Avatar
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    Didn't this already happen?
  2. SharKing's Avatar
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    Didn't you see the edit? I had to move this for categorization.


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