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Ravings of a Royal Sharpedo

Dat birthday.

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I had a pretty good one. Got to see The World's End at a theater, then went to Ruby Tuesday for dinner. Had a nice steak there.

But the point of this blog is the mandatory mention spam for everyone who dropped me a "happy birthday" VM. So here it is.

@Shiny Celebi
@Kakuna Matata
@Trainer Gabriel

Thanks for the birthday wishes, guys! Made my day that much better!

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  1. Karisse's Avatar
    I'm not familiar with The World's End. What was it about?
  2. SharKing's Avatar
    It's a British comedy about five guys who go off on a 12-pub bar crawl, the last pub being called "The World's End". This takes them into the middle of a conspiracy that I won't say any more about, lest I spoil the plot.
  3. Berrenta's Avatar
    Glad that you had a happy birthday. :3

    Hardly any Ruby Tuesdays around in my area, which disappoints me. I really like eating there when I can.
  4. Zexy's Avatar
    Oh, man. I managed to get my inactivity issues right amidst your birthday...

    Well, I guess the only thing I can do now is to wish you a happy belated birthday. Here, have a shark-food cake.
  5. Life's Avatar
    Happy belated birthday!
  6. Tyrfing's Avatar
    Happy birthday! I've never heard of Ruby Tuesday before, though.
  7. Karamazov's Avatar
    Happy (belated, sorry) birthday!
  8. Neosquid's Avatar
    I don't usually remember to check birthdays, but I happened to see this blog...

    Happy birthday!
  9. Trainer Gabriel's Avatar
    You're welcome, and glad you had a wonderful birthday!
  10. MAGNEDETH's Avatar
    you get me a video of a shark eating cake, and i will be more inclined to believe you.


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