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Piranha Post

The category for all blog posts not made by me, SharKing.

  1. The Fight of the Century! Sharks vs Ponies!!!

    I was just ravaging through random blog entries, when I came across this little shark's latest post, and some other posts with the pony virus. So this Jester got to thinking...

    What creature would win in a fight!? A specific type of shark from our oceans, or a specific pony from Aquestria!?


    Now discuss!

    Piranha Post
  2. The Third Step into Oblivion

    Greetings, again!

    In continuation to the second step, today we will make our Third Step into Oblivion!

    Today we will talk about... crocodilians! They are rather well-loved animals, despite their fierce appearance that may seem monstrous to some people. There are even Pokémon based on them, my favourite of them being Feraligatr.

    Wait! I'm based on a croco-what?...

    ...But what the heck's a croco-what?

    Piranha Post
  3. The Second Step into Oblivion

    Hello, fellow readers!

    I know most of you are not familiar with my blog series entitled "Steps into Oblivion", and no wonder, because this is only the second one of them and a long time has passed... Anyway, feel free to read (and comment) the first step!

    So, dear readers, today we'll talk about sharks...but not all sharks, or I could very well stay there typing for days straight. Instead, I'll talk you about the shark species which intrigues me the most... ...
    Piranha Post
  4. What Do YOU Think?

    I say we call upon SharKing to send his army of Sharpedo to eat all the pony avis that've been going around lately.

    What do you guys think? I want these ponnies either gone or eaten bby sharks!
    Piranha Post
  5. The First Step into Oblivion

    So, so, so! His Majesty's blog has been quite busy lately... but I am yet to make my introduction.

    I am ghaskan, The Pyre of Memory's host, although occasionally I may host other blogs, like I am doing now. I also like fancy tittles.

    When posting there, I will mostly talk about animals. The shark is an animal, totally! Also, I may sometimes post rants there, after all, these are the Ravings of a Royal Sharpedo and its assistants!

    So, let's get this ...
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