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Updates N' Stuff

This is where I blog about general SharKing-based updates.

  1. Sapphire Nuzlocke - Part 24: On to Lilycove!

    Sorry for yet another long hiatus. Here's another Sapphire Nuzlocke vid, featuring an upgrade in video recording quality!

    Sorry for the muddy audio quality, though. Note to self: never use "Click Removal" in Audacity again. -_-'
  2. Sapphire Nuzlocke - Part 23: Pain in the Rain!

    This is the last episode recorded with a camcorder! What monster lurks in the rain beyond Fortree City? Watch and find out!

  3. Sapphire Nuzlocke - Part 22: Watch Out For That Fortree!

    What awaits me in the overgrown Fortree City? See for yourself! (By the way, sorry for not uploading; I got stuck on the title. XD)

  4. Sapphire Nuzlocke - Part 21: Wimpy Weather War!

    It took me weeks to get around to releasing this video, so sorry for that, XD. Anyway, watch me crush the pathetic Team Aqua at the Weather Institution!

  5. Sapphire Nuzlocke - Part 20: Across the... Stream!

    With Surf at my disposal, I can venture into the eastern half of Hoenn! Watch as I sift through the ridiculously tall grass for something new!

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